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“The Heir of Ariad” by Niki Florica ~ Book Review

The Heir of Ariad

The Heir of Ariad by Niki Florica


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

About the Book:

The weight of a vanished father’s legacy and the secrets of the past have forced Kyrian to carve a place among his people at the price of his own sweat and blood. Ariad is withering. The Skies seem a strange place to die of thirst, but no one can fetch the Rains against the tyrant king’s will, and no one but the Creator who has vanished into legend can kill an invisible king.
But there is a force at work beyond Kyrian’s sight. A powerful, masterful will. Suddenly there is blood on his hands, the Skies are filled with enemies, and the only way to escape a dark end is to flee the clouds forever. But there in the Lands waits a powerful prophecy, along with a powerful weapon, and now as Ariad withers to dust all hope may rest with the one young mortal who fled his home a fugitive and must return to it a king.


My Thoughts:


This is quite the fantasy novel! I was very impressed with the writing talent shown, and the complexity of the whole story.
For me, it was a bit of a heavier read that took a while to get through, but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment at all. The Heir of Ariad is an excellent story with a well-crafted fantasy world. I loved all the symbolism that pointed to the Biblical accounts of both Moses and David. The verses included at the beginning of most of the chapters was an excellent addition.
The characters are all so well-formed, and easy to relate to and understand. When you pick up this book, you are embarking on an adventure as you journey right along side Kyrian and his new discovery.
There was one particular character that I was extremely impressed with – the Robin. His character was one that was complicated, and easy to hate at first. But his whole….journey has been amazing to see, and I am very hopeful we get to see more of him in this series!
Be prepared to want the sequel! That ending only begs to be continued!!
*I received a copy from the author.


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