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“A Secret To Die For” by Lisa Harris ~ Book Review

A Secret to Die For


“A  Secret To Die For” by Lisa Harris

Review Copy through Revell Publishing

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

About the Book:

Psychologist Grace Callahan has no idea that she has a secret–one worth killing for. But when she finds out one of her clients has been murdered, she quickly realizes that the computer security specialist wasn’t simply suffering from paranoia.

Detective Nate Quinn has just been cleared for active duty after a bombing killed eighteen people, including his partner, and left him dealing with PTSD. His first case back on the job involves the murder of Stephen Shaw, and his only lead turns out to be an old friend, Grace Callahan–and her life is in grave danger. Someone believes Shaw gave his psychologist information before he died. Information they are willing to kill for.

With her signature pulse-pounding suspense, Lisa Harris takes readers deep into the heart of fear in this race against the clock.



My Thoughts:


I absolutely loved Lisa Harris’s Nikki Boyd series, so I was looking forward to another book by this author.
I had a hard time getting into this novel, and couldn’t bond with the characters, so for me, this book wasn’t my favourite.
While it could be compelling at times, I didn’t connect, and found it much like watching an episode of a suspense show I’ve already seen.
The plot picked up a bit towards the end few chapters, but it felt a little predictable.
Like I said, I really do love this author’s work, and I will continue to read her novels, but this one was just a miss for me.
Love that cover, though! So pretty to look at :D


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