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The First Book You’ve Ever Read Challenge

Hello readers! Marrok McIntyre created a tag-like challenge about the first book you’ve ever read that also inspired you to become a writer. In his words, “I thought it would be a pretty cool idea if we writers would share what originally inspired us to pursue this path of artist expression.”


Quite a fun idea, so lets get started!




The rules are simple
  • Challenge at least 1 person
  • Share what was the first book you’ve ever read
  • Why you read it in the first place
  • How did it inspire you to become a writer




Okay, so the first book I ever read.

Well, this may be hard to believe, but I actually hated reading at first. I know. But I did. I resisted it for quite a while. I didn’t want to learn, I didn’t like it, and I didn’t want to. I’ve always been a little envious of others who could say they loved reading from the get-go. Especially since reading is now one of my biggest hobbies. But, alas, it was not so for me. I remember how hard my Mum tried to get me to read. My older sister was one who loved reading right away. But not me. I liked The Bob Books that helped teach us to read, but only a little. I liked them in the way that they were entertaining, but the struggle to learn the words was aggravating.
So what switched me on reading? Well, again, I wish I could say that it was some amazing book. But it was…
Image result for spongebob older books
Yep. SpongeBob. I now realize it wasn’t even the first book in the series. I just remember sitting down at my sister’s bookshelf, wondering why she liked reading so much. I picked this one out (wish I could remember my motivation for this choice particularly!) and realized, “Hm, this is actually…enjoyable. The story isn’t boring,” and that was it, so to speak. Now, I don’t think I took off reading like a mad-man at that point, but it was my start. I realized that books took you on great adventures. Even silly ones. ^.^
However, I don’t think I really began wanting to write until I read this book:
I don’t remember much about the book, other than the thought of “I want to write a story too”. So I did, and it was basically a carbon copy of this book, with different characters. XD I don’t believe I finished it either.
But once I started writing, I found that I liked. For a while most of my writing energy was poured into journals (I had discovered “Amelia’s Notebook” series, and the Dear America series coincidentally) as I processed life. Then I eventually came upon another book that boosted my desire to write, and since then I haven’t looked back. Well, I mean, I’m looking back right now, but I think you know what I mean. ;)
The book that made me want to write more was:
Image result for bella at midnight
That was at about 12/13, and I reread it several times. It’s been several years since I read it, but I hold it in fond remembrance for being the book that I loved to read the most and what made me want to write more. And as for the motivation of why it made me want to write in ernest…well, it was creative, and captivating, and I loved how it transported me to a new world, to new things. I wanted to be able to do that too.
So, there you have it! A too-long posts about books from a now-book-lover who was once a book-hater! Sometimes I forget that I didn’t always love to read and I wonder how anyone couldn’t like it, but all I have to do is remember. And know that everyone is different. My younger sister has never been a fan, and that’s okay. She’s started to enjoy it a bit more now, but as more of a side-hobby.
So I’m more understanding now that I might’ve been before.
And I do really love books now. Really, really love books. ;)
Now, I hearby challenge, should they accept:
And I’d love to also challenge my bestie, author MacKenzie Morganthal, but she does not have a blog. However, I would like to know your answer, Ken… :D ;)
And that is that. Hope you all enjoyed reading, and if you were not challenged and would like to be, consider yourself challenged and please let me know when you post, because I’d love to read it!


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

8 thoughts on “The First Book You’ve Ever Read Challenge

  1. Ah I loved this post!! This was something I didn’t know about you (surprise there! ;)) so this was so fun!! :D also, I smiled when you mentioned the Bob Books, because I just used those this past year to help some first graders learn to read! Anyway, I loved seeing your book answers! And I guess I should get a blog, huh ;) But as for my answer…is it terrible if I don’t remember?! XD The first book I ever read…it’s so hard because mom was practically reading to us since we were born, so I was reading all the time once I could on my own. One of the first chapter books I vividly remember (not sure if they’re the first, but) was the Cul-De-Sac kids book series. And the Three Cousins Detective Club book series. I guess I’ve always loved mysteries! ;)
    <33 (sorry for such a long comment!)

    1. :D I’m glad! Haha, surprise indeed! It’s not something I like to talk about to much; I mean ME NOT LIKING TO READ?! Haha, just kidding XD
      Ah yes, Bob books are pretty awesome for teaching. “Matt sat on Cat”…XD
      Oh you should ;) And no that’s not terrible! I love that you you were reading from the time you could on your own, and that you loved the mystery books even then! I loved the A-Z mystery chapter books, and Cam Jansen – I adored that series. XD
      Never be sorry for a long comment – I love it :D

  2. Ooh fun!
    I missed this when I was out of town lol, but I’ll definitely do this one.
    Thanks for tagging me!

  3. Thanks for doing the challenge and passing it on!

    Wow I would have never guessed you didn’t like reading when you where a kid! And the book that started it all was amazing! totally didn’t see that coming, it’s like a twist ending but took place in the beginning o.0
    I really enjoyed reading how you where inspired!

    1. Thanks for challenging me!

      I know, it seems rather unbelievable, but it’s true. ^.^ Haha, I like that – a plot twist at the beginning. :D
      Thanks, M!! :)

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