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Mulligan College Series by Ann Naedele – Review

I will be reviewing the three books/novella’s in one review:



Mulligan College Series by Ann Naedele
Review copies provided by the author for the purpose of this review.
My rating overall: 3 Stars (1st book:3.5 stars, 2nd book: 2stars, 3rd book: 3 stars)
About Milligan Mayhem: College days in East Tennessee were different during the 1960s, especially at a Christian college like Milligan. Two young roommates are confused when a beloved professor dies suddenly, leaving the entire campus grieving. Outside forces penetrate the quiet school adding more mayhem! The reader will enjoy the practices concerning dating during this time, as well as the descriptive experiences of the author who attended the college for four years. A little mystery, a little romance, a wedding, and a visit from the Letterman round out this short tale. It’s a fast read aimed at youthful readers, but will even satisfy the nostalgic, older reader.
About Ghost Quest: The main character meets up with a ghost in her college dorm. She then sets out to find out why ghosts want to stay on Earth. She calls alumni from as far back as 1911 and finds out interesting details of ghosts of the past. Ann then puts all this information together for the campus newspaper. Join her in her quest for the campus ghosts!
About Pop Tops and Smiley Faces: Do you know a lot about the 1960’s? Some of it you will read about in American history classes, but many of your grandparents and great grandparents lived through that volatile period. This book is the last in a series of three about campus life in the hills of Tennessee during this time. You will enjoy the book’s mystery while learning about real events; even though this is a fictional account, you will learn what was happening through the eyes of a student. The customs were very different from today’s and might even surprise you. Could you have handled these major events in history? …their customs? How did your relatives fare? Did they share any stories with you? Go back in time with Ann as she leads fellow classmates and even some professors toward danger. Will they solve the mystery? This is a fast-paced read for those of you who are pressed with deadlines, jobs, school, and families.
My Thoughts:
These books read very much as if the author is sharing her memories only in mostly first-person. Through these books we get a small glimpse into life during the 1960’s, specifically in the landscape of the Christian College of Mulligan. Each novella has a small mystery thread that is easy to follow along with.
Sometimes the storyline is a bit choppy, like when a scene changes, but they are easy and quick reads.
It was fun seeing little things that are familiar, like mention of the Beatles, or the first ‘pop-tab’ drinks, and the start of the popular smiley-face.
Of the three novella’s, I enjoyed the first the most. The second one (Ghost Quest) was not a favourite because of the topic and the trivial manner in how the “ghosts” were refered to as if light and fun, when in reality, ghosts are just demons – not fun at all.
The third book focused on a bit more serious a subject, mentioning the turmoils that were very real in the 60’s.
They each read quickly, and contained interesting and good aspects.


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