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“Out of the Dark” by MacKenzie Morganthal Blog Tour!

Out of the Dark Blog Tou

Raechel here for a moment – I will be passing off the “mic” here to MacKenzie in just a second, but first I  wanted to say how excited I am for this book!! “Out of the Dark” has been an eagerly anticipated novel, and it’s finally here! So thrilling. And inspiring – I’ve watched as this author has poured out her heart in this novel, sometimes struggling when the words didn’t come. But God has brought it to completion, as He promises, and how utterly glorious that is! If you haven’t read the first book in this series, I definitely encourage you to do so. You can find “Not Abandoned” here. Anyway, now I will let our lovely author take the stage, and share more about “Out of the Dark”!! Don’t forget to check out the giveaway, and character spotlight too!!


Out of the Dark


Welcome to the “Out of the Dark” blog tour! I’m so thankful Rae is letting me share her blog to share with all of you about my new book release. “Out of the Dark” is book two in my Mission for Freedom series and is a continuation of my debut novel “Not Abandoned”. This new story took two long years to complete and a lot of prayer. If I didn’t have God, you wouldn’t be reading about this new release right now. I faced mountains of opposition during the writing of this book, and have even felt attacks from the enemy right up to release day. But I believe God is going to do great things through this story, and my prayer is that He will use it to touch each of your lives. But enough of my rambling! On to the fun stuff! ;) Read on to see the full description of “Out of the Dark”, view the cover photo (*squeals* Isn’t it lovely?!?!) and find out how YOU can win a FREE copy of my new release! And make sure you check out my purchase links a little further down the post so that “Out of the Dark” can be yours, as well as my social media links so that we can stay in touch and you can keep up to date on the latest happenings with my writing. And of course you’ll wanna check out the blog tour schedule so you don’t miss even one post! There will be all sorts of fun, from author interviews to book reviews, and even a couple guest posts by me! I’d like to say another BIG thank you to Rae for sharing her blog with me this week, and thank YOU for stopping by! Don’t forget to enter the PDF book giveaway, and enjoy the rest of the “Out of the Dark” blog tour! ☺


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The Book:






It’s not over yet…

    It’s been three years since Haley Hampton rescued her sister, Avery, from a human trafficking ring. They are still struggling through the aftermath as both women desperately long for healing to come. But the emotional wounds are not easily forgotten. And the past is quickly catching up to them. A string of death threats leaves Haley on the hunt for a potential killer. As tensions run high, a single mistake could jeopardize Avery’s life.

    Then Haley encounters Elaine, a young teen trapped by human trafficking. Could she be their missing link in the case? Is there anyone they can trust? Haley must rely on God now more than ever if they intend to make it out alive. Will they find a way out of the darkness closing in? Because evil is lurking closer…and determined to win this time.



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Character Spotlight:


Avery Hampton

Avery is back in “Out of the Dark” as a twenty year old survivor of human trafficking. But she’s been through terrible pain and her heart is covered with emotional scars. In “Out of the Dark” we see Avery as a strong young woman who doesn’t feel very strong inside. She’s allowed God to use her to begin a ministry for other human trafficking victims, and she’s very proud of the safehouse she built, Redemption House. Her heart desires to save other victims, but she thinks she’s not as brave or confident as her older sister, Haley, is. (Psst, between you and me, I think Avery is one of the bravest characters I’ve met!) She tries to appear confident and whole, but inside she’s still struggling and has broken pieces. Part of her thinks she’s beyond repair, but the other part of her is still reaching out in hope that God can fulfill His promises to her and heal her and pull her out of the darkness she finds herself in. Avery is a fighter. But she’s getting tired and worried she’ll never make it out of the shadow of her past. But God will never give up on our Avery. And I believe in her. What about you?


*There will also be a spotlight of Haley Hampton in the wrap-up post so be sure to return and read that then!

The Author:



MacKenzie Morganthal is the author of the Mission for Freedom series. Book one, “Not Abandoned”, was her debut novel. She lives in Pennsylvania where she is a monthly e-magazine columnist, Creative Artist, and musician. She loves Jesus most, sweet tea, singing along to the radio, and spending too much time at Starbucks.


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*The book will be up on Goodreads very soon!





 Are you excited to read “Out of the Dark”, book two in MacKenzie Morganthal’s Mission for Freedom series?! Well here’s your chance to win a copy for FREE! This giveaway will begin on October 27th, and end at midnight on November 2nd. The winner will be announced on November 3rd, in the wrap-up post on One winner will receive a PDF book version of “Out of the Dark” right to their email! How do you enter? Follow the link below and complete the options!

Rafflecopter Giveaway//ENTER HERE!!!!



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Out of the Dark blog tour schedule:


October 27th:

October 28th:

  • Chloe Hale/ The Chloe Blog // Author interview  **This post is currently not up yet, but hopefully will be soon. Check back later to see the interview. Thanks!

October 29th:

  • Riley Aline/ Blog // Guest post

October 30th:

October 31st:

November 1st:

November 2nd:

November 3rd:



I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

15 thoughts on ““Out of the Dark” by MacKenzie Morganthal Blog Tour!

  1. Oh Rae, this looks beautiful!! It’s perfect! <3 Readers, I want everyone to know that I could not have pulled this blog tour off without Rae hosting this on her blog and helping with all the details!! If you've enjoyed the kick-off post for the blog tour so far, please be sure to leave a comment and thank Rae for all she's done to help make the tour a success!
    I love you, Rae! <3

    1. I’m so glad you’re happy with it! <3 I'm so happy it all came together! <3 Aw, you are so sweet! There would be no blog tour without YOU and your amazing book!! I'm looking forward to sharing my review :) Love you too!!

  2. Yayay!!! I am so excited for this, Kenzie! I’ve been waiting ever since I found out and I just cannot wait to order my copy! :D The character interview was so interesting, now I’m extra excited! :D

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