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Book Review: “On Grounds of Honor” by Rebekah Colburn

“On Grounds of Honor” by Rebekah Colburn

Book One in My Brother’s Flag series

Review copy from author

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:


On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the division of the Civil War is an inescapable reality for many households. For the Turner brothers, it means choosing politics over blood. Although his younger brother goes south to join the Rebels, Jeremiah feels honor-bound to defend the Stars and Stripes even at the risk of meeting Charlie on the battlefield and facing a deeper conflict of loyalties. His wife, Clara, is left behind at Laurel Hill to manage the farm with her father-in-law and his slaves. As the country is torn apart by opposing forces from within, Clara must find the strength to live in a world of uncertainty and change. What began as an act of patriotic loyalty for Jeremiah will become a test of character and courage. And as the death toll climbs into the thousands, Clara clings to the desperate hope that her husband will come back to her alive. Before it ends, the war will take far more than they could have anticipated. But in the wake of its destruction, Jeremiah and Clara will learn that sometimes victory can only come through surrender.



My Thoughts:

This book was clearly extremely well-researched. I commend the author for writing so much historical details into this book. I think I have learned more about the Civil War through “On the Ground of Honor” than I had previously known.
It’s very interesting, especially since it’s in a ‘fiction setting’, so you’re experiencing the time period through the character’s lives. So yes, the setting feels very accurate and well depicted.
The beginning starts out a bit slow and for me I didn’t feel like I got to really emotionally connect with the characters in the first few chapters of the book, but as it got going you do get to know them better and relate to them.
I really liked how neutral the views were regarding North versus South. There were characters with opposing views, but they were well explained and shown very diplomatically.
I was glad to see the point made by one character about slavery, that God didn’t create one race to be above or below another – they’re all His creation, not property.
And at the same hand, it was interesting to read other character’s viewpoints on it, though I may have disagreed with their stance.
So yes, definitely a thought-provoking book. It wasn’t a light read, as it dealt with a lot of depth, but it was certainly interesting and enjoyable. The romance was also innocent, real, and sweet. I liked that the main couple were married at the start.
*I would like to note that there were a few swear words used (‘d-m-‘ and ‘g-d-awful’).



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