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“The Genesis Tree” by Heather FitzGerald ~ Book Review

I’m finally posting my review of this lovely book! I read it quite a while ago, but haven’t been able to post my review until now for various life reasons, but finally here it is!



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The Genesis Tree by Heather L.L. FitzGerald

Book Three in the closely knit Tethered World Chronicles

Review copy from the author

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:

She took down the Nephilim queen—but can she and her brother save the kingdom?

Sadie Larcen may have defeated the traitorous Queen Estancia, but she’s quite happy to be home with her family. Unfortunately, their fiendish neighbor, Mr. Marshall, is still up to no good. He’s called a press conference with plans to introduce the world to a living, breathing Bigfoot.

As a Sasquatch expert, Sadie’s mother Amy is coerced into lending her expertise to the spectacle. When Sadie and her brother Brady spy nefarious, uninvited guests at the gathering, they know there’s trouble brewing in the Tethered World. The two are driven into separate, dangerous exploits as they are thrust back into the schemes of the forces of darkness. Schemes that include using their autistic brother Brock as leverage to seize control of the Flaming Sword and the Tree of Life. The Gargoyles and Trolls have an ambition that extends beyond dominating these powerful elements. They’ve set their sights on the Topside realm—with or without the help of Mr. Marshall.

Deception is rampant, the enemy is subtle, and love dares to tug at Sadie’s heart amid the turmoil below. Once again, she and Brady will cling to God’s faithfulness as they fight for the people and creatures they care for, and against the enemies they fear.

Will the cost be more than they can endure?


My Thoughts:

*Sniff*. Very good conclusion to the series.

When Mrs.FitzGerald emailed the review copies out and said she knew it would be difficult to write a spoiler-free review, I didn’t know just how accurate that statement would be. But sitting here, contemplating how to gather my thoughts into this review, I’m realizing that it shall be difficult to say much without wanting to give away anything!
The Genesis Tree is a wrap up of this series – it is tying everything together at last. What an adventurous series this has been!
I really enjoy Mrs. FitzGerald’s creativeness and writing in these books – her imagination is spectacular and shows brightly through The Tethered World Chronicles. I am always thoroughly engaged reading her books. And I want a gnome. There was one part involving a gnome gaining access to a house through a doggy-door. That had me giggling!

Definitely read these books in order – that’s a must. Best way to enjoy them – and of course, follow the plot.

Oh, and I wanted to be sure to add that I would personally recommend these books to a little more mature readers (15+ maybe) – this one has a bit more serious plot, with some violence and “gore”. Nothing absolutely hideous, but still there were some gross moments.

The characters though! Getting to know them through each book has only made them more dear to me. And we got to see so much of Sadie and Xander in this one!!! Made me very happy. :)
And the ending. Very good.
I will say that there were aspects of this book that had me straight-out crying. But, no spoilers!
Mrs. FitzGerald can surely write a emotion-evoking book!

To some of my blog readers who know my reading habits, and know that I generally avoid magic-y, fairy-involving stories, I will add what I said in my review of “The Flaming Sword”:
“I touched on this in my review of the first book, but for me, magic is something I generally stay away from. But there are no spells or really even use of magic, it’s more like ‘this is their world’ and it’s fantasy. ”

So while I don’t read a lot of books like this, I feel like The Tethered World Chronicles are in a genre of their own, and I greatly enjoy them.


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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