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April Recap

Happy May!

(And Happy Birthday to my dearest Ken! <3)

I hope everyone had a good April. Ours was busy, but good. One highlight was getting to go up north to see my grandparents for a couple of days. And also enjoying the lake they live by, and stop at one of my favourite places up there.  It was so nice to see my grandparents, because it’d been several months since my Mum, sister, and I had seen them.

April brought a lot of rain, as usual, and warmer weather. But we did get a light dusting of snow about a week ago and then a bit of a snow fall yesterday (it melted as soon as it reached the ground though)…that’s Minnesota!

April was a pretty busy month for me book-wise – getting and reading. :D I discovered a group online that sells and swaps Christian fiction – I joined to sell my books (and have done so with a few!), but did end up getting some too – because, good books are hard to resist! It was nice because I was able to make a couple swaps too. So, here’s my book month in review:



On the left are the books that came from the book selling/swapping group. The Susan May Warren books and the Russian Verbs book (along with a book called “The Legend of the Firefish” which I forgot to add in the picture…) I purchased (very affordably!!) from a gal, and then the top three were swaps. :)

On the left are books I’ve acquired elsewhere. The bottom three came from a very sweet friend up north who also gave me a book on The Monkees that’s not pictured! <3

“The Noble Servant” is a review book, “The Illusionist’s Apprentice” and “When Tides Turn” I won in giveaways (hurrah!), and the top three came from thrift stores, and the very top one, “All for a Sister” I got from Tyndale Rewards.

Read:  7 books this month (not counting finishing “Missing” or books of the Bible)!

Finished “Missing” by Lisa Harris

Read “Pursued” by Lisa Harris (reviewed here on the blog)

“Treasured Grace” by Tracie Peterson (reviewed here on the blog)

“Written in Love” by Kathleen Fuller (reviewed here on the blog)

“Saguaro Sunset” (novella) by Debra E. Marvin (review to come)

“Priceless” by Joel and Luke Smallbone (With Nancy Rue)

“Befriending the Beast” by Amanda Tero (review to come)

“The Secret Slipper” by Amanda Tero (review to come)


So that was pretty exciting for me, to read as many as I did – even though three were novella’s. :)

Did you read or acquire any good books this past month? Where do you usually sell or pass along your older books to?

I hope you have a great May!







I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “April Recap

  1. Sounds like you had a nice month, Raechel!! :) Hooray for book swaps!! Looks like you’ve got/read some good ones. I’ve read “Befriending the Beast” and I’m looking forward to “The Secret Slipper” and “The Noble Servant”. :D

    1. Indeed! :) And yes! I just love books so much. ^.^
      “The Secret Slipper” was definitely good and I’m just about to begin “The Noble Servant”! Hope you get a chance to read both soon! Thanks for commenting, Faith! :)

  2. Great wrap up! sounds like a fun month! sounds like your grandparents live in a nice place, or at least the idea of a lake near home sounds nice!
    I don’t have that many books like that so I don’t really run into that problem of having too much. But if I did I would totally throw them into the fireplace and warm my feet :D

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, it’s very nice – they don’t have immediate access to the lake, but you can easily get to the points that have the beach-like areas (it’s rock beach though, not sand). It’s beautiful.
      Ah, that sounds like an interesting problem – mayhap a good one, not having too many books. XD But I can’t imagine throwing any into a fireplace! ;) Unless they were awful books…
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Aww I just saw this and thank you for the bday shoutout! <3 I've acquired quite a few books lately…I'm still working on "Pursued", and guess what?! Bella got me Pursued for our birthday. XD haha! She also got me "If I'm Found" which I'm so excited for too! Ah, good books are just lovely, aren't they? :D
    Love ya!<3

    1. <3
      Yay!! That's so exciting! And so sweet of Bella!! Yes! Good books are SOO lovely. I love them. XD Have fun reading!! :)
      Love you toooo! <3

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