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Yes, this October “wrap-up” post is late. Really late. But the beginning of November has been a whirlwind. :)

Soooo, we’ll revisit October now!

I love October. I believe I’ve mentioned that though. ;)

I don’t know why that, when I go to write this post, I can’t think of any major highlights to report from the previous month….The zoo was one highlight…that was lots of fun. And my birthday of course…I’m an official adult now. :D I don’t really feel much different though. ;)  How about I do what I do best, and talk books? I feel so much more comfortable talking about that. XD




This picture shows the books I acquired during the month of October. I didn’t actually think I’d have much to show as the month started out, but it’s a lovely stack!


I got “Arabian Nights” and a Norwegian-English handbook at our library book sale, my Mum and sister found me “She Walks in Beauty” at a thrift store, I found “Neela” and “Cecile” at a thrift store as well ~ I was really happy about finding “Neela” because it’s India, and I used to own this book and loved it. I received “Keep Holding On” by Melissa Tagg from my lovely family for my birthday, and I bought “The Hope of Shridula”, “On Distant Shores”, and “A Bride for Keeps” from CBD when they were having a super good sale that I couldn’t miss out on. “Missing” came from Ashley with whom I did a book swap (can’t wait to read it!), and “Shadow of the Storm” was a gift from Soleil! Thank you ladies very very much! And last but not least is “Far Afield” and that’s a review book from Blogging for Books. :)

As for what I read… “God’s Daughter” by Heather Day Gilbert, “One Enchanted Christmas” by Melissa Tagg, “Three Little Words” by Melissa Tagg, “Keep Holding On” by Melissa Tagg, “The Merchant and the Thief” by Ravi Zacharias (a kid’s book technically :D), and “The Sound of Diamonds” by Rachelle Rea Cobb.

Primarily Melissa Tagg books, it looks like, huh?! XD

In October, I consumed a great amount of tea, plenty of hot cocoa, and added another blanket to my bed for the coooold nights. I love it! :D I’m sure all of these things will continue throughout the rest of the Winter. ^.^

Sooooo….that’s about it. I acquired a new “obsession” in October, but I’m not going to go into that. ;)


Did you read some good books during October? Have any books you want to read before 2017? :)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

10 thoughts on “October-Ness

  1. Arabian Night’s looks really good! Glad Shadow of the Storm made it to you as well.
    I am SO excited for the colder weather! :D plus now I can have hot cocoa without people thinking I’m wierd. XD
    Lovely wrap up!

    1. I thought so too! :) Yes, thank you so much! I can’t wait to read it. :)
      Yes!! Colder weather is the best. Haha, I totally understand that and feel the same! XD
      Thanks, Soleil!

  2. *squeals* All the bookish lovelies!!! :) The only one of these books I’ve read is “On Distant Shores”, but holy-guacamole is it amazing!!! You seriously must read the Wings of a Nightingale series. “With Every Letter” was probably my favorite. :D And last time I checked it was free on Amazon kindle!!
    “A Bride for Keeps” sounds good too! And the cover of “Shadow in the Storm” is BEEEE-autiful.

    I’ll hush now. XD Have a blessed day!

    1. :) Yes, I really, really do! I now own each of the books, so they’re just waiting for me!! They look and sound so amazing! <3
      "A Bride for Keeps" is a good one – I read it from the library a while back, but it's definitely one to enjoy again!
      I know, isn't it? I love the cover. :)
      Haha, you never have to hush! XD Thanks, and you too!

  3. That is a lovely stack of books!!! :-) Looking forward to what you think of Shadow of the Storm.
    I read – and completely loved – Francine Rivers’ Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion #2) — It is one of those books that makes it hard to start something new afterward — I actually will probably just go on to #3. :-)

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to reading it. :)
      Oh yes, I definitely want to read that series of Francine Rivers’! I have heard so much good about it. And knowing that you love it as well makes me want to start it even more so. :) Thanks for commenting, Alicia!!

  4. I read and really enjoyed “The Devoted” It was a GREAT series ending! I also enjoyed Waves of Mercy! WHAT A FABULOUS story of Faith and Love!!!!!

    I really hope to read Finding Margo by Jen Turano before the end of the year! :)

    Hugs, Amada (

  5. Happy (late) Birthday! I love Zoo tips, I like looking at all the different animals.
    sounds like you will have a busy month of reading ahead of you :) Let’s see i hope to finish Samara’s Peril and Rose of Prophecy

    1. Thanks, Marrok! :) I do too; zoo’s are amazing, with so much to see.
      Haha, indeed – always do! ^.^ I hope you’re able to finish those up as you’re hoping! :)

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