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An announcement of sorts

Good day to you, my much appreciated blog-followers! :)

As the title states, I do have an announcement to share with you all. And it’s rather large, in the sense that I didn’t think that I’d do this. But I’m content with this decision, because I know it is directed by God and He has shown Himself SO awe-some in every sense of the word. So my news is this:


I will no longer be reviewing books at the rapid pace that I have been – that I’ve been known for. In fact, I’ve gotten off several of the Book Review Programs. I’m taking a Sabbatical. (such a fun word, is it not?). The reason for this, in short, is that it is what the Lord has guided me to recently. It’s definitely time for a break. See, when I read and review books I am analyzing the book so I can justly review it, but by doing this constantly, I have formed a habit of being analytical in everything – and that is leaning on my own understanding, not God’s. It’s thinking through every little thing when I should have faith instead.  And I want to lean wholly on the Lord’s understanding instead of my own, and so I am obeying Him in this step back from reviewing.




Truthfully, it is a relief. Yes, I have loved this season of reviewing – it has been a great experience! But I am now ready for a new season. I will still be reading (of course!) but at a more leisurely pace, and I won’t necessarily being posting reviews of every book, as the amount of review books I receive will be just about nonexistent.

However, I will be finishing out with the reviews I have already committed to, so there are a couple yet to come. And I’m not banishing myself from all book reviews, just really stepping back.


It’s a big change for me, I’ll be the first to admit it. I am a reviewer. But now, it is: I was a reviewer. My life doesn’t need to hinge on reviewing, and a breather will be nice!

I’ll still do my best to keep up with my blog here, and I’m still apart of some blog tours coming up. I’m just also going to be doing a lot of “de-stressing” which means de-cluttering, etc.


So, here’s to a new season! Thank you for understanding. :)




I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

9 thoughts on “An announcement of sorts

  1. Good morning, Raechel! :)
    I just want to say that I admire you so much — your complete honesty, and how true of a person and a Christian you are. :)
    May the Lord bless you as you commit completely to following Him!! <3

    (And yes, sabbatical is a very fun word. ;))

    1. Thank you so very much for your kind words, Faith! You really touched me. :)
      Many of the Lord’s blessings on you too!! <3
      (hehe, I love it. ^.^)

  2. I understand entirely having to take a break when certain things become too consuming. I really admire you being able to honestly share this with us and following through on your “goal.” I have a difficult time following through with things such as this. I hope that you find your sabbatical to be everything you need and want. ;) Which publishers are you still reading for?

    1. Thank you! It’s going to be completely by God’s strength though, not my own. :)
      Well I’m still apart of Blogging for Books and Tyndale currently because I still have books I have to review from them in my possession, but once I finish that I’ll most likely get off those too, and not be on any blogging programs. If God shows me it’s okay to go back to reviewing, I’ll rejoin. :)
      Thank you again, Bethany!

  3. It is better to destress and follow God’s leading now than to have God knock you off your feet and you don’t have the ability to do anything.

    Enjoy the new season in your life.

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