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Hi peoples. I feel like I’ve kind of disappeared from my blog for a bit…but I guess, honest moment: it happens frequently.

Today I have  mainly a question. First, are any of you people crafty? Like, do you have loads of washi-tape and paper-items, and pens, glitter, glue, etc.? I need to talk to you. Where do you store it, and how do you store it? I’m just looking for some tips and would love to talk about such stuff. One of the places I am happiest is sitting at my desk surrounded by my paper-y-craft stuff. I’ve got about 100 rolls of washi-tape (including decorative ducktape – don’t judge me. XD I have saved up for this stuff, and gotten some as gifts. <3), stationary up the wazoo, pens and pencils and markers, glitter and glitter glue of many variations, and more stuff. Paper stuff makes me happy. :D But the problem is storing it, and keeping it easily accessible. I keep my washi-tapes in a pretty box, and most of my stationary in likewise pretty boxes/folders, and then keep these things on two small bookshelves, but they’re overflowing. I don’t even have enough penpals to keep up with my love of decorating letters/envelopes (I think this partly has to do with the fact that most penpalers my age are married, or busy in college, or something along those lines).

I’d show pictures, but…let’s just say me and our camera don’t get along too swimmingly and…yeah.

I’m not actually too concerned about my mess, but I am interested to see how other people organize they’re craft items! :) So, share away, and if you have pictures, I’d love to see. I don’t know if you can share pictures in comments? If not, you could always email them to me (go to my ‘contact me’ page). :)

On another subject, April 15th is quickly approaching!!! Do you know what that means?? The writing contest!!




I also have more posts I want to do…like one about something HTTYD related…not promising anything though, because life gets busy, as it has been lately.

I’ve been taking care of a cute little girl on some days, feeding neighbour’s animals every day (they have baby sheep!!! *Sigh* so cute!!), and just trying to get life-y things accomplished, all while trying to stay on top of my Reading List that just keeps growing. I should have some reviews coming up, God-willing!

But I shall leave off for now. Happy Saturday, and may you enjoy a weekend of rest!




I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “Artsy?

  1. Yes, I’m artsy! Yes, I have boxes of craft stuff! Yes, it drives my mom crazy when it’s strew all over the place. :P I’ve made three scrapbooks, and I absolutely love it. :) Since I started writing I haven’t had as much time for it, but I do enjoy it. :)
    I would love to send you pictures of my baskets/boxes of supplies but they’re currently hidden away because we’re about to have construction. ;)

    1. Yay!! Haha, your poor mom. ;) My family can sympathize. I am thankful I actually have my own room for all my stuff (I share a different room with my sister, so there are two extra rooms upstairs – they’re both TINY, but they serve their purposes – hers a closet/play room and mine a writing/craft room :)), but it still spills everywhere!
      How fun! I’ve never actually tried a Scrapbook, but I put a lot of things in my journal. And yes, so true – I always have to choose between writing, creating, or reading! Impossible! XD
      Aw, I’m sorry, but know what you mean. Construction! XP
      Thank you for commenting, Faith! I love talking with you :)

      1. Mom really should get an award for putting up with me. ;) Oh, that’s so cool that you have a separate room for crafts and things!! :)
        Scrapbooking is lots of fun. :) Most of my pictures are of dogs…drives Dad crazy. B-) I know, right?!? It’s an impossible choice!!!
        Construction, yes. ;) Mine and my brother’s bedrooms are really small. Like put-in-a-bed-and-a-dresser-and-you-can’t-move small. ;) So we’re adding on there. ;) And I’m gonna run because I need to help Mom clean out the closets!! O_o

        I love talking with you too!!! :)

        1. Hehe! ^.^
          That’s funny! A good percentage of any of my pictures are of my animals… :D They’re just so cute!!
          Oh yes, do I know what you mean! That’s about the size of my craft-writey-room. XD It used to be my bedroom growing up, and there was just a path to the bed (it was a bunkbed for a time too, because I shared with my sister then as well) and to the dresser! That’s nice that you get to add on – I hope it will go quickly and smoothly for you!
          Have fun cleaning closets! :D

          1. They are!! We have two yellow labs and I love them to bits!!! ☺️
            Oh, wow!! That sounds terribly cramped!!
            Haha, thanks!! Cleaning went well. ☺️ We’re ready for the building crew Monday!!

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