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This post may offend, but that’s not my intention.

Writing advice – every writer has it. Everyone is more than willing to pass on their writing-know-how and ‘how-to’ tutorials, whether they be for ‘good characters’ or ‘how to avoid cliche writing plots’. You will find writing advice everywhere you go, if you’re in the writing circle. And I’m not against writing-blogs, I’m not. I’m a writer. So, let me share my writing advice with you:


Stop taking writing advice


That’s it. And hey, you don’t even have to take it. My point is that I want to see more writers writing how they feel best – writing how God has called them to write, not following some script for what makes a good character, or what to avoid….none of that matters in the long run. We need to let God take control and write through us – He doesn’t need any writing advice because He created it.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the writing-advice of “do’s” and “don’t’s” and hold them as top authority. I’m not saying writing advice is bad. I’m saying we need to stop holding it as god. They’re all just our opinions.

This whole post is my opinion. I don’t want you following my opinion – I want you to hold God as god and follow His writing advice. Seek Him and He will be found – He cares about your writing! He’s the One who has given you the gift. :)


You will find conflicting writing advice from two or more people you thought had it right. And their advice is right – for them. That is the ‘right’ they have found and it works for them. That’s fantastic! Now, you need to find your ‘right’. If you aren’t writing how “everyone else” is writing, that’s okay. We need more good, diverse books that have their own unique-ness! Because you are unique! So take that way God has shown you as right and write! And if your ‘right’ is in line with that other person’s ‘right’, that’s okay too! It’s great that we can take help from other writers, just be careful not to measure yourself and your writing by that standard.

Embrace the unique way God has made you and has made you to write. :)



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

10 thoughts on “Writing Advice

  1. I love this and it echoes my own thoughts. There are great tips and things to learn, but I’m often overwhelmed by the do’s and don’ts. I think it’s God’s way keeping me from being bogged down by the conflicting standards. One of my favorite quotes on writing goes something like this: “There is only 1 rule to writing but no one knows what that is.” It’s a loose quotation, but you get the point.

  2. This kind of makes me feel better about not actually taking a lot of writing advice. I’ll read the articles and keep the advice in the back of my mind, but I’m going to write what/how I want to write. :) Great post!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I am the same way – when I’m actually sitting down writing, none of the advice I’ve read (though often good) comes to the forefront of my mind. :D
      Thank you!

  3. *applauds my bestie* Beautiful writing advice!! :D Its soo true. And I love your unique writing! You is one of my favorite authors :D <333

  4. I would actually have to disagree a bit. Of course you don’t need to think that you need to be just like every other writer, but if you don’t except writing tips, than you are basically saying “I don’t need to change.”

    1. My point in this post is that if we’re letting God guide us in our writing, we don’t need tips from people – He knows everything and Who better to learn from than Him? People are at all different stages in their writing, so their tips aren’t necessarily the perfect answer, but God’s always is because He knows where we’re at. Plus, even without reading such tips, my writing has grown and changed since I was a young girl when I first started writing, in fact not much younger than your age. God is the One who changes us as we follow Him.
      And again, I was not attacking those who give writing tips – they can be good, but they cannot be the only thing we go to.

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