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BookCrash book review: “The Daughters of Jim Farrell



“The Daughters of Jim Farrell” by Sylvia Bambola

Review copy source: Book Crash

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 Stars


About the Book:

Pennsylvania 1873: When, in the harsh world of Pennsylvania coal country, Jim Farrell is hanged for murder, his wife and three daughters must turn their beautiful home into a boarding house in order to survive. But struggling beneath the shadow of shame becomes too much for eldest daughter, Kate. She resolves to clear her father’s name in spite of her mother’s admonition to “let it go,” and convinces her sisters to help. All too soon their dangerous quest rips the family apart. Will it also cost them the men they love?

My Thoughts:

This would have gotten a higher review had something not have happened towards the end that greatly saddened me.
The writing was good – I like Mrs. Bambola’s writing quite well – but this one just wasn’t a particular favourite for me. I couldn’t really click with main character Kate. I did really like Virginia, but her story didn’t unfold how I had hoped…
The main theme was forgiveness, which was good. I think an event at the end really overshadowed that for me though, and so I couldn’t perceive the depth that was supposed to be there through it.
The characters were well-written, though I didn’t care for Kate, and Joshua was just so-so for me. Though Charlotte could be a bit “shallow” at times, and Benjamin had some problems, I liked them quite a bit. And I adored Patrick, and Virginia. Patrick was probably my favourite character, and his relationship with Virginia most endearing.
I didn’t care for how Kate always pushed for her way; she never respected anyone else’ advice, especially Joshua’s, and in turn, he never really stood up to her – he would, and then he’d back down and she’s still get her way, even if it was “reckless”. To me, she didn’t seem to care about anything other than her own agenda, and that didn’t really change in the end which saddened me. I am not saying that women cannot be strong, but we are to respect those who are in leadership – the Bible instructs us to.

This wasn’t a book I hated, just one I didn’t adore. The plot was interesting.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publishers and BookCrash in exchange for my honest review which I have given.

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An Another Ilyon Post: Interview

Hello again!

Two posts in one day! Ilyon is a special day :D

I have an interview with an Ilyon fan to share with you, so this should be fun. :) This person is another member of the Jaye L. Knight forum, under the name of Ramulus. He’s been interviewed on Rachael’s blog, so you may go see that Q&A too, if you’d like! And now, here is this interview:

1. If someone had never heard of these books, what would you say to encourage them to read them?  I would tell them that these are some on the best books I have ever read and that they would not be disappointed in them, they are very well structured and very well written.
2. Explain briefly what you like best about the Ilyon books: I would say all the different kinds of races. It gives it more flavor.

3. You’re stuck at the camp with two of the Ilyon characters; who do you choose and why? I would choose Kaden and then Talas; I think it would be fun to hang out with them. Talas would be able to teach us to ride dragons!

4. Would you rather spend a day with the Emperor, or fight off a raged Ryrik? Ooohhh… I would have to say the Rykrik; we would probable end up teaming on against the emperor. :)

Thanks for answering the questions, and “visiting” my blog, Ramulus!

And readers, if you haven’t read the Ilyon books, I do hope you shall check them out! They are worth any time or money you put into them. :)

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Today is Ilyon Day!

Good morning readers! :)

As the title says, today – December 1st – begins the first annual Ilyon day, inspired by Rachael S. who is one of the members on Jaye L. Knight’s Forum, and approved of by Jaye, and collaborated on by other members of the lovely Forum.

It’s a day where all the Ilyon fans, myself included, can gush about one of the best series ever. :D Because quite obviously, this series is magnificent and needs its own day to celebrate. :)




I’ve, as of yet, only read “Resistance” (book one), and “Half-Blood” (Jace’s story, can be read before or after Resistance), and have “The King’s Scrolls” proudly sitting on my shelf waiting for me to open it, which I am eager to do. :)

There is so much to love about these books. I whole-heartedly recommend them to everyone I can.

My favourite character would probably have to be Jace. Okay, fine, to be honest, he’s my favourite hands down. :) I fell in love with him right away – he’s such a unique character. A sad one too. But his story is fantastic, and I adore his relationship with Kyrin. She is relentless, yet gentle, in befriending him, and I admire that so much.

I relate best to Jace for several reasons.

My second favourite character would be Kyrin. She is lovely. :) We all need someone to draw us out, someone to show they care, and she was that for Jace.

The faith aspect in these books is phenomenal.  So strong, and so true. They really are tremendously encouraging books. If you haven’t read them yet, please don’t hesitate to do so!

And have a very happy Ilyon Day!