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Uniquely You




I read something on a pin recently (Not the above image), and while I did not agree with all of it, there was something that stuck out to me and that was in not becoming someone you’re not just so can keep or please the other person interested in you.

Now, this can be in reference to a friend or a romantic relationship. And I think it is sometimes far too easy for us girls to be forged into someone else because we like them and want them to like us. We like what they like – their interests become our own. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it becomes dangerous when we feel we must *change* to be of any interest to the other person, and I don’t think that is right – in our eyes, or in God’s.

You see, God made us unique individuals – and yes we know this, but I think we need to be reminded of it because we can sometimes forget among the hustle and bustle of daily life. We weren’t created to become someone else – we can be *compatible* to someone else, but that is not becoming them.

I am going to pretend for a moment that I have a boyfriend (:D) to give an example.

My boyfriend’s name is Bob. I really like Bob – I might even love him. But I’m worried that I am not enough for him. I’m not feminine enough like Cindy, I’m not strong/tough enough like Sally. I’m just *me*. But is that enough? Without hardly thinking, I start to compare myself to the Cindy’s and Sally’s of the world. And I try to be like them so that Bob will like me more. Because he may only like someone like Cindy, or someone like Sally. I have to become like them for me to “hold up” in Bob’s eyes. Soon, I begin to think that Bob’s a jerk because he only likes *those* kind of perfect girls, and I struggle with the fact that I *know* I can never become that – I know I can never be perfect. So it’s Bob’s fault, right? Because he can’t just be interested in me, can he?

Well, now I’m putting my preconceived notions onto Bob and he has no idea what’s happened.

Maybe he would be more compatible with Cindy, or Sally, but that’s not a fault of mine, is it? No. You see, here is my point: God will bring us the right person. Someone who won’t want us to change from us being ourselves. Our “job” is to just be who God created us to be – beautifully and uniquely us – and glorify Him as we serve Him. Our ultimate purpose on this earth is to love and serve Him – He will take care of all the rest as He loves and teaches us.

I don’t need to change to have Bob love me. Sally doesn’t need to change to have someone love her. Cindy doesn’t need to change to have someone love her. We have a Greater One who loves and cherishes us and joys in us especially when we are exactly as He created us. If Bob is who God has planned for me, then Bob will love me not who/what I am trying to be like. Just me. And that will be more than enough, and the same goes for me of him.


And He won't let any man cut in unless God has chosen him.



Thank you indulging me in my example and pretend boyfriend – it helped me to get my point across. I do well when I think in examples. =)

So yes, please remember: You can only be you. God’s unique and peculiar treasure. You are enough. He will orchestrate your whole life if you let Him, and He will bring your future to pass. Trust Him in everything.

And be uniquely…you.



Hehe, I like these birdies.


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

2 thoughts on “Uniquely You

  1. Lovely post, Rae!! Loved it :) Such a beautiful reminder. And Bob made me laugh, haha! :D I was thinking you would have chosen Walter instead ;) XD

    1. Thanks, Kenzie!! =) Haha, yeah. Bob and I go waaaaay back. XD And I don’t think I want to thinkabout the slightest possibility that Walter isn’t the dude for me. ;) Hehe, teasing. XD

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