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A Guest Post….”When the Mirror Lies” by Kenzie M. Part Two

Hello again! Here is the second and last part of this splendid story, “When the Mirror Lies” by Kenzie M.  Once again, enjoy!


“When the Mirror Lies” Part Two

Bridget closed her eyes and consented. All I want is to be beautiful.

After hours in the dress shop trying to pick the right dress for Bridget to wear to the pageant, she finally pointed to a blue dress in the corner. It was a simple pattern, but it fit Bridget’s personality and she loved it. “I want to wear this one.”

“No,” Diana pushed another mirror in front of Bridget and held the blue dress up beside her so that she could compare it to the extravagant dress she had on. “It’s too plain. It makes you look drab.”

Bridget was determined to put her foot down on this argument. “I like it. I want to wear it.”

Diana squinted at her in the mirror. “You foolish girl; you’re never going to be beautiful enough. You have to try harder. Look at your complexion,” she pointed at

Bridget in the mirror, “You’re so flawed. We need to get more make-up on you.”

Bridget watched Diana walk away and she continued to stare at her reflection in the mirror. A few tears silently slipped down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry,” Diana barked at her, “It makes your eyes look red. And we need to talk about getting you on a diet. Your waist isn’t quite thin enough.”

Bridget wiped her tears with the back of her hand. She closed her eyes and tried to bring to memory all the times her Father had told her she was beautiful. After all, He was the King. She should be seeking His approval alone. But His words of endearment and the way He always told her that she was His beautiful princess seemed to fade from her mind as she gazed in the mirror. All she could see staring back at her was Diana’s smirking face telling her that she was not good enough. And suddenly she didn’t see anything beautiful about her reflection. She could only see flaws staring back at her.

She resolved in that moment to do everything that Diana instructed her to do. I’ll do anything to be beautiful. But as the days progressed, no matter how hard Bridget worked, Diana was always there in the mirror reminding her that she was somehow still not beautiful enough.

Finally, the day of the pageant arrived. Before heading to the dress shop, Bridget took a detour and stopped by the lake that was behind the castle. She stared out across the shining waters and let the tears fall freely down her cheeks. Even when she wasn’t in the dress shop, Diana’s words were ringing through her head. And she realized that she believed every single word. I’m not beautiful enough. She reached into the pocket of her plain skirt and pulled out a mirror that Diana had given her. Gazing at her reflection just brought on a fresh rush of tears. “You’re not beautiful!” she cried aloud as she took the mirror and threw it as hard as she could. It landed with a splash in the middle of the lake.

“Who told you that?” a voice said softly from behind her.

Bridget whirled around. She saw her Father standing there and her eyes fell down to her feet. “Diana did,” she whispered, “And the mirror.”

The King walked to His daughter’s side and touched her shoulder gently. “My beautiful Bridget,” He tilted her chin up so that she was forced to look into His eyes. “Do you really think that their opinion of you matters?” He asked gently.

Bridget nodded vigorously. “Of course,” she replied.

“But it doesn’t,” He corrected her. “To the mirror you will never be beautiful enough. There will always be something wrong with your reflection. But to Me, you are the most beautiful girl there ever could be. I made you, my dear girl. I made you beautiful for Me. You don’t have to try harder or be someone that you’re not. You are already beautiful, because I say you are beautiful.”

Bridget felt more tears falling down her cheeks. She took a step forward and fell into her Father’s open arms. “How do I get the voices in the mirror to stop screaming inside my head, Daddy?” she said quietly, looking up at the King.

“Remember My words, my princess,” the King smiled at her lovingly and directed her gaze to the shimmering lake in front of them.

As Bridget gazed at her reflection in the water, her breath caught in her throat. The voices in her head stopped and she suddenly didn’t feel a need to change anything about her reflection. As she stood on the shore beside her King, she knew she was beautiful. And it wasn’t because of her hair or her dress. It was because He told her that she was.

“Never forget, my daughter,” the King whispered as they continued to gaze at the reflection in the lake. “When the mirror lies, remember the truth….You are beautiful.” 


And there we have it! I, for one, enjoyed it, and I hope you did too! Thank you so much, Kenzie for contributing your writing to share here! I really appreciate it! <3

I thought I’d share some thoughts I had on “When the Mirror Lies”, so if you’d like, read on…

We are beautiful because He says we are. How true is that?

And why does He tells us we are beautiful? Because He is. And we are made in His image.

Beauty is not just a picture, a look. Beauty is who God is. He is beauty. Beauty is within each of our grasps, because it within us – designed in us as we reflect our Lord’ awe-ing image, His beauty. It is awe-inspiring, to think that beauty is not how we look – it is Who our God is and what He sees in us! Truly magnificent, if you ask me.

Once again, thank you, Kenzie!! And readers, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this short story! (If you would like to read more by this author, she frequently posts short stories in her sister’s magazine, which I shared about here).


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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  1. Thank you very much Rae for allowing me to give you a guest post for your blog! It was a blessing to see it on here :) And I loved your thoughts on it at the end! Thank you!! <3

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