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Revell Book Review: “At Home in Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

At Home in Last Chance” by Cathleen Armstrong

Review copy from Revell Reads

My rating: 3 stars out of 5

About the book:

Kaitlyn Reed and Steven Braden have always had a similar philosophy of life: when the going gets tough, they get going—out of town and away from the problem. Now they are both back in Last Chance, New Mexico, and trying to start over. But a new start requires forgiveness from old wrongs, and how can they seek forgiveness from others when they can’t forgive themselves?

My thoughts:

This book was just a so-so book for me. I wasn’t overly impressed, but I did not hate the book. I think it held a lot of potential, however there were a few things I was a bit disappointed in.

One of the bigger things that I was disappointed over was the extreme lack of Faith. I feel like I’ve been saying that semi-frequently with a few of my past reviews, but it’s true. A lot of “Christian” books are not exactly Christan – they’re clean, yes (at least some are), and there is nothing bad in most of them, but there also isn’t much about the Lord in them. When I read a book – even fiction – I want to be encouraged and helped along in my walk with Christ. And this book didn’t really minister to me at all in that way.

The characters were good, though I think they could have stood a bit more developing and completeness. There was a lot of jumping, and the romance was rather fast and incomplete. Though I will say that I did not expect to like the ‘hero’ Steven, but he became one of my favourites from the book. I did not care for everything about him, but as the characters go, he was the one I enjoyed reading about the most.

Once finished,  it was kind of a disasisfying book personally. I would have liked to seen a lot more from it.But as I said, I think there was potential for it, especially if the book was much more centered around the Lord and His healing works.

I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publishers in exchange for my honest review which I have given.



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