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“My Heart Knew” – another short story

Hello once again. =)

I know I said I was hoping to post this other short story of mine sooner, but I just wasn’t able to until now. Again, this short story was inspired by a pin on Pinterest. Of my two short stories, this one was written first.  So, without further ado, here it is:



“My Heart Knew” by Raechel L. K.

Masked ball...(Victoria Frances)

Dear Lord, I pray that you would be glorified in all I do, especially tonight at the ball. I pray Your will be done. And Lord, as I always pray, I ask that when you bring me the one You have chosen for me, my heart would know straight away. Thank You, my Lord.”


Adelaide French prepared for her first ever ball. And lucky for her it wasn’t just any ordinary ball, but a masked one, which promised even greater pleasure. “Mother, will this do?” she asked as she fingered her hair one last time. Delicate flowers gilded in and out of the twisted braid she had done herself.

Mother Dinsella walked over to her preening daughter and smiled as she brushed her own hand over Adelaide’s light brown tresses, “Perfectly delightful, my dear. Now, be quick about you, for the carriage shall soon arrive!”

Giddy excitement filled Adelaide to her peak, “Oh yes, mother! I am ready, just let me grab my clutch,” Adelaide quickly secured her clutch to her wrist and followed her mother and father out of the house into the waiting carriage, all the while praying for her one hope to be answered if it was in the Lord’s will for her.


“Oh my,” Adelaide breathed out the words in a hushed whisper as she gazed upon the castle whose walls she would dance within. “Positively divine!” she remarked.

Father Krendell smiled loving down at his daughter as she placed her mask securely over her face one last time….soon they would be lost in the midst of dancing masked figures, and Adelaide was certainly ready. “Now Adelaide, do be careful my love, and return to the carriage before half past 12, for then we must be leaving, alright?” her father said. Adelaide nodded, her eyes glimmering through the mask holes. “I surely will, my father. Good night! And see you in passing,” she smiled wildly up at him then disappeared through the castle doors that were stationed with royal guards. “This shall be a splendid night for certain!” she thought, knowing no matter what the King of her heart would be glorified, no matter the outcome.


The castle was all abustle as couples passed by in quieted hush and the flurry of skirts passing as they trounced around the ballroom floor. “Just splendid,” Adelaide sighed once again, still beholding the wonder of it all. She had no sooner moved past the refreshment table that she was suddenly right in front of a masked young gentleman who held out his hand, “May I have this dance, my fair maiden?” Adelaide smiled slowly up at the young man but meekly shook her head, “You are not the one, pardon me,” she said as she glided past him. She didn’t know exactly who the one was, but she knew she would sense it as soon as she came upon him – or he came upon her.

“May I have a glass to drink, please?” Adelaide asked beneath her mask at the refreshment table. “Here you go madam,” the server answered back as he handed her a drink. “Thank you,” she said as she took the glass and tasted her first sip. “Delightful” she said. It was then that she looked into the server’s eyes, and noticed an oddly familiar glimmer residing there, as if she’d seen it and knew it before. Immediately a quote of Shakespeare floated through her mind, and no sooner had she thought it that the server echoed the words she spoke in silence, “When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew,”

Adelaide’s eyes widened and indeed a smile grew on her face. The server walked from behind the counter and took her glass, setting it back on the table. “Please won’t you dance with me?”

“Yes,” she quietly offered, “Yes,”



Adelaide stepped back into the carriage, a lady full of peaceful excitement and awe. “So, my dear Adelaide, did you have the marvelous time that you thought you’d have? Or was it all together a bitter disappointment?” her father asked kindheartedly. Adelaide folded her hands over her skirts, her eyes still shining with hope and glory for the Higher One who answered her. “I prayed I would know, papa, and I did. My heart knew. The Lord has been gracious to me, and I knew. Forever I shall remember this day in my heart, for a danced with a servant who was fit to be a king, and it was marvelous. Simply marvelous.”

“And what did you pray for, dear one?” Father Krendell asked gently.

“I prayed that He would be glorified, and I would know His plan for me in finding the one whom my soul loves. I have found him papa, and he has the heart of a king for the King.”

“Thank you, my Lord, for your ever gracious blessings.”


The End

And please respect that this is my writing, so no stealing etc. Not that any of you would do that. :)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

4 thoughts on ““My Heart Knew” – another short story

  1. Ah Rae I wish I could write like you! You pulled me in… and I was there with Adelaide. Such a sweet message to the story as well. You have a talent my dear and I’m glad you are already using it to glorify Christ! (Plus being able to find the most beautiful picture on pinterest!!)

    1. Oh Jazz, you are so sweet! Thank you. But it truly is the Lord’s gift. I’ve tried writing by ‘my own strength’, and it fails every time.
      But thank you so much – I’m glad you enjoyed the story! I’m going to be posting extra’s (more related pins as well as what God taught me through the story) soon, too. :)

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