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Hello 2015

I believe this is my first post of the new year. I have a couple book reviews scheduled, but I thought I should post something more before those – you know, so as not to start off the year with more book reviews. ;)

I confess though, that I am not entirely sure what I should be writing about. I do not have any resolutions, and barely any goals. I don’t really go in for that kind of stuff. I have a sort of reading goal (no surprise there, I’m sure), but that’s all. I’m just going to see where God leads this year. :)

As for my reading goals, they are meager. I am going to try to limit the books I review this year because 50 was a bit too much last year :D I’ll still be reviewing some, no doubt. As I said, I already have two scheduled. And I still have three more books to read and review for sure. But my main reading goal this year is to get through as many books on my own shelves as I can. I might even try to tackled “Wives and Daughters”. Or at least I’d greatly like to. :)

You know, as I am sitting here contemplating what to write, I don’t think I ever mentioned on here one of my exciting accomplishments of December…Though I think some, if not most of you already know from me telling you. :) But I was so pleased to finish writing one of my writing projects!! It is the first lengthier book I’ve ever completed to its whole. It is my retelling of “Beauty and the Beast”, and it is now finished. Well, that’s not to say it’s ready for presentation, because I still have a great deal of editing to do, but hopefully this year I will be able to share more about it with you all, and I am prayerfully considering publishing it. We’ll see. :)

Beauty and the Beast Bookmark by on @deviantART


At the very end of December also, I wrote a very-very short story, that I was pleased with. I have never been able to finish short stories, because I love details and depth. But I made this one to be only 2 or so pages long and still complete. God is good. :) I wrote another such story last night, too, which was fun. But mainly this year, I am hoping to finish another one of my bigger and greater writing projects. God willing!


And thus I end a quick update and a first post of 2015. I hope your year is splendid!


I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

2 thoughts on “Hello 2015

  1. I love the quote by G.K. Chesterton – I’ve never thought of Beauty & the Beast in that way. Congratulations on finishing your retelling! :-) I’m excited to hear more about it in the months ahead.

    1. I agree; I think the quote is beautiful. I can’t wait to share more about my story. Praying that it will come sooner rather than later. :)
      Thanks for your comment!

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