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Book review – Rachel Rossano’s “Theodoric Series” Book One

“The Crown of Anavrea” 

by Rachel Rossano

Book One in the Theodoric Saga

My rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


In a time when castles were the strongest…in a place where combat was face to face…Labren was on the run. He hid his true name and he admitted it freely. 
In a time when slavery was legal…in a place where kings were all-powerful…Eve, a slave, appeared in the right place at the right time. 
Eve saved his life. In return, he offered her the opportunity of freedom. She did not know what would happen to her if she chose to accept his proposal, but she did know the consequences of rejecting it.

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book! I was captured right from the beginning, and fell in love with the two main characters instantly. The names were unique and very neat, throughout the book. The writing was easy to follow, clear and clean, and flowed very well which is always an excellent thing! I honestly had a hard time putting this one down – I read it in two days…mostly just one actually, since I started it in the evening. But yes, it was super good!

The only thing I wished for it was that it could have been longer (!) and maybe more detailed. It was a fast pacing story, which was great, I just would’ve loved some more detail, adding length and such to the book.

There was one swear-word spoken, but that was all – this book was not one you’d have to be really cautious about because of swear words or anything – it was otherwise very clean!

Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely read it again. Eve and Lebron’s relationship was lovely, really. And romantic. Yes, I am rather a “hopeless romantic” as they go…this book definitely fed that for me. ^.^

I was sent both the first and second ebook of this series, and had every intention of reviewing the 2nd one (” The King of Anavrea”as well, but my eyes are not fond of reading on my laptop and thus I was unable to finish the second at this time. Which really bummed me out hugely, because it is SO good!!! Both books are excellent, and I would definitely recommend them to others. I hope to be able to finish the 2nd book sometime in the future. It is not a story to be left unread. I’m just praying my eyes cooperate with me. :)

Thank you so much, Miss Rossano, for  allowing me to read and review these lovely books!



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