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Monocles, Chores, Some More Chores, Wasp Stings, and Maybe Something to do with Writing/Books

All that equal’s a long post title!
But I assure you, dear folks, that all of it is true. Yes, yes, all of it – with no begosh nonsense about it! (“SPARKLER!”)
Anyone that gets that quote gets Three Hundid and Fiddy dollas. No not really. But hey, if I could get that to ya, I might. Because sometimes you just need Three Hundid and Fiddy dollas.

Okay, enough nonsense (begosh or not!).

I present to you, The Monocle:

Monocle 2014 (2)

Fancy-schmany and lovely-rovely, yah? Odd, and queer as it may be, I have for a long, long time wanted a monocle. Why, you ask? I don’t know. But I have. And I was so pleased to find something like one. (It may be more like a magnifying glass, but for everyone’s sake – mostly mine included – I am calling it a real and proper monocle) So I got it. And it is smashingly delightful, I do tell you.
I was pleasured enough to find it at our local ‘Stockade’ rendezvous this past weekend. And for a very affordable price.
So. I am now the proud owner of a monocle. Which I love. Next on my list is a top hat and a fashionable cane.

Moving on.

Chores. Oh yes, chores. We have our usual chores, of course, but this past Thursday we’ve started doing the gal’s whose horses we keep, chores. She has some horses here and had a couple at her house. Very sadly, and very unfortunately, she now only has one at her house for the time being. Because one passed away the day after she left. Long story short, it was quite terrible, and not something we want to relive.
Otherwise, doing her chores have been going fine.
We’re also doing some chores for another family this week. They have puppies, dogs, and chicks. Should go smoothly. :)

Wasps! Keep them NOT near me. As in, keep them far from me, please. On Monday (last week), we found out that I am severely allergic to wasp stings. Severely. Our doc. said that I was lucky (ahem, blessed) not to have gone into anaphylaxis shock. I should’ve gone into the doc.s right away, but being that I do not care for any sort of doctor, I did not. I didn’t go till Thursday, after my leg and ankle were swelled up huge and wouldn’t un-swell. I was given drops (he’s our homeopathic doc) to take and skin cream for the areas that were stung. Both work well, and by even the next day, I was able to walk more. (Tuesday, and Wednesday I couldn’t really walk it hurt too bad – Thursday I could kinda walk).
We also had a garage sale this past weekend, and it was hard for me not being able to help much due to my leg, but that was a lesson in itself for God. Worth doesn’t come from what we do or even don’t do.

As for reading and writing…both are going well =D I’ve still been reading quite a bit (when am I not?) and I actually have been writing a fair amount, which I enjoy. I do actually have a writing post planned, so hopefully I can share that will you sometime soon!


Both pictures in this post were taken by moi. ;)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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