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Product Review: Style J Skirt

Product Review of a skirt from Style J Denim Skirts

I was so pleased and super excited when Style J Denim Skirts allowed me to do a product review of one of their skirts! They had some lovely choices on the site, but I finally landed on this one:

The Golden Grace Long Denim Skirt


Doesn’t it look lovely? I know, for me, it is going to make a perfect Fall/Winter skirt!

I knew that I’d probably receive the skirt when we were out of town (which it did of course!), and so I was very excited to arrive home to see it. And I was so thrilled to see it and quickly take it out of the packaging to admire it. I should’ve gotten a picture of it in the wrapping, but I was too excited and forgot. :)
The skirt is of lovely material – it’s denim and still stretchy. And it fits pretty comfortably too. It is a little snug around my hips, but nothing too bad – it is still plenty comfortable to be in!


I knew it’d be a bit long on me, because I am short – but I don’t mind it and Mum might hem it up a little bit – I’m still undecided on that. I do like long skirts a lot. (I wore high-heels for these pictures so the skirt wouldn’t drag on the ground). :)
I love the pockets. Most skirts I find never have pockets, but I am so delighted that this skirt does!



The skirt feels very elegant, and yet comfortable enough to wear on an every-day basis. It is pretty easy to match with too, which I appreciated since I am more apt to just throw on a T-shirt. =)


Overall, I am SUPER pleased with this skirt, and am so looking forward to wearing it more.

A huge, huge, huge Thank You to Style J Denim Skirts for allowing me to do this review and sending me the complimentary skirt – I cannot thank you enough!
I would recommend this company to others, definitely. :)




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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Style J Skirt

  1. Love the denim skirt! Those are my favorite kind to wear and I wear them almost daily. The A-line design is very flattering on you.

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