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Broken Girl

I was on author, Katie Ganshert’s blog (author of “A Beautiful Kind of Broken” that I recently reviewed), and was looking at some of the songs that inspired her book “A Beautiful Kind of Broken”.
I fell in love with the following song/video and did shed a few tears during it. It’s just…gorgeous. I don’t have many other words than that.

Broken Girl by Matthew West

It DOES remind me a lot of the main character, Ivy, of Katie Ganshert’s book, but it also makes me think of all the girls out there that have been abused in any kind of way. It makes me think of the girls I hope to one day serve in missions.
And it reminds me of myself in a little way. We’re all hungry for wholeness, I think. We all want that love that is freely given, but maybe we don’t accept. The part that ‘gets me’ in the song is the line “Those damaged goods you see, in your reflection: Love sees them differently, Love sees perfection
No matter our flaws – Jesus’ blood has washed those away and God sees perfection – because of Jesus. When He looks at me, He doesn’t see all my failings – He sees Jesus’ perfection in me. =)
Can you find yourself in this song? I think everyone has a form of brokenness inside. It doesn’t necessarily come from abuse – there are so many things that cause us to have broken pieces. But God binds up our wounds and heals our broken hearts.

We’re all that broken girl. Because we live in a broken world. But there is a Healer. A Comforter. A Love that cannot be taken from us! Hallelujah!


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