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Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish you could just post one image that summed up everything you wanted to say, when you don’t have much to say in words.
I know I need to get posting more, and get more ideas for posts, but I am lacking, sadly. I try to scan through my Pinterest page for even an ounce of inspiration, but nothing seems to come.
I’d update you on what has been going on lately, but as I discussed with my David-Jonathan (ahem, darlingfriend – You know who you are, Ken! Hehe :D I WILL stop calling you that, don’t worry) last night on the phone, not much transpires in my life – just things around the ‘farm’, like escaped chickens, or mule and horse. Or calling one of our ducks ‘Mrs. Olson’ from Little House on the Prairie. Or putting in a bigger duck ‘pond’ (it’s just a small plastic pool we put in the ground), or gardening, or laundry. Are you catching my drift? Though I love my life, there is not much to report. :D

I got married in my dream last night…well, almost. I woke up just before the ceremony. My dress was very much like Molly Gibson’s white frock, only a tad bit more ‘wedding-y’:

Elizabeth Gaskells's Wives and Daughters by BBC (1999) with Justine Waddell as Molly meeting the new mommy in lovely white

This is the best picture I could find of her dress (the white one). =/ And it doesn’t even show the bottom, which is what was also very much like ‘my’ dress in the dream…oh well.


And my hair was short and I thought (in the dream) “I never imagined to get married with short hair”.
But I guess, I actually DO have short hair right now; not that I plan on getting married…haha, there’s no chance of that. XD
The dream was strange. But really realistic. *Shrug* I have a lot of dreams like that…

Anywho…what else could I rustle up to post about? I’ve been writing somewhat frequently. Mostly in just one of my current stories. I have like, three main ones going, but I really just focus on two primarily, and lately I’ve been working on the ‘shorter’ one. It’s going to be my attempts at a short story. :)


So, dear readers, is there anything in particular you would like me to post about? I would welcome any suggestions and do my best to fulfill them. :)




I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish

  1. Good post. I haven’t commented lately but I do love finding your posts in my e-mail. Makes my day kind of thing. :) What should you post? Well, whatever the Lord leads you to. You’re doing a good job so far. Keep walking with Him and keep up the good work. I appreciate your transparency. You don’t try to be *perfect*, just genuine. That’s a quality so often lacking in so many. We blog and try to say the *right thing*, in the *right way* when what we need most is to share our lives and hearts with one another and encourage one another to keep walking in the Master’s steps by sharing our own walk, including our faltering, silly and happy steps (since all of a Christian’s life brings glory to the Lord as long as it is lived for Him). You are doing that and doing it well. And I’m loving it. Keep on walking. Keep on writing. Soli Deo gloria! Anna

    1. Thank you so much, Mrs. Wood, for your lovely comment! That really meant a lot to me. I do want my goal to be to glorify Him and to be transparent as He calls us to be, and your saying that is a real blessing to me!
      God bless you!
      In Him,

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