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Dresses! Everywhere!

Okay, so there has been a lot of hype about the “Five Glass Slippers” book collection going on lately (you heard about it? It was pretty fun to follow…), and it got me to thinking about ball-gowns, and what I would wear to a ball. :) So, I decided to choose some of my favourites from Pinterest and share them here. :) Note: They are not in exact order XD

What would you wear?


Oh my word, oh my word, oh my word - I REALLY want this dress!!

^ I LOVE this one. This is one of my very top favourites!

^ I like this one a lot, but I’d want like capped sleeves or something – or a matching shrug. Something to provide more ‘coverage’ :)


Charles James Evening Dress, 1953-54.  Lovely!.

^ I think this one is lovely, though a bit simpler. :)


This is sooo gorgeous!!

^ And isn’t this one just lovely? I love the colour, and it’s just so..stunning!


Brand new Beading Hand Made Flowers Ball Gown Strap Floor-length Little Girl Pageant Dress- $167.49    --wow :D

^ And I admit I like this one. :D


Wow. It looks like the night sky...

^ I ADORE this one. If I were going to a ball, I’d definitely choose this as one of the qualifiers :D


I don't think I'd wear this as my wedding dress, but it is very Princess-y :)

^ And this one is a perfect princess-y dress! I love it. :)



^ This one is pretty :)


White and Violet medieval dress - I love this!

^This is lovely.


A contemporary gown with Medieval styling, consisting of a long-line laced corset bodice with off-the-shoulder neck-line, silk chiffon hanging sleeves and a toning silk skirt.

^ This one is very lovely colours and style.


Belle of the Ball Gown, #ModCloth - This is SO gorgeous and I want it very much.

^ Though I don’t know if I’d wear this to a ball, I absolutely adore it!




This is beautiful!

^ And I’d wear a sheer cloak like this one, to the ball. :)


dragonflyshoes - I'm not a huge shoe fan, but I'd wear these :)

^ And how about these for shoes? :)


So, which of these dresses is your favourite? And if you were going to a ball, what dress (of any kind) would you choose? I’d love to hear/see! =)



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2 thoughts on “Dresses! Everywhere!

    1. Hello Emma! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! That made my day :)
      I know – I love those ones too. I love all of them and wish they were in my personal closet. :D

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