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Book Review “The Well” by Stephanie Landsem

Good day to you!
I have a review that I should have posted a while ago (after I finished the book, perhaps…!) but never did. I reviewed this book of my own choice – it is not a review book (but I do now own it!! So excited about that).
Anyway, here is the review:

Title: The Well, Book One in the Living Waters Series
Author: Stephanie Landsem
Source: Library loan book :)
My Rating: 5 Stars out of 5 Stars


Could he be the One we’ve been waiting for?

For the women of the Samaritan village of Sychar, the well is a place of blessing—the place where they gather to draw their water and share their lives—but not for Mara. Shunned for the many sins of her mother, Nava, Mara struggles against the constant threats of starvation or exile.

Mara and Nava’s lives are forever changed with the arrival of two men: Shem, a mysterious young man from Caesarea, and Jesus, a Jewish teacher. Nava is transformed by Jesus, but his teachings come too late and she is stoned by the unforgiving villagers. Desperate to save her dying mother, Mara and Shem embark on a journey to seek Jesus’ help—a journey that brings unexpected love and unimaginable heartbreak.

My Review:

This book was excellent, such as the second book in this series was.
“The Well” brought you through so much from beginning to end. It is bright and vivid of a story, written with skill from the Great I Am. I do so love books like that!
This book had my heart pumping many a time, and I had a hard time putting it down once I picked it up. The entire story-line was so well done, and kept you thoroughly entertained and captivated.
There were sad parts that had you aching alongside the characters, but there were also many parts where you were glad with them as well.
The ending is definitely bittersweet. I loved it, and it hurt all at the same time. Maybe I loved it more because from the beginning I loved one of the more ‘side-characters’ Enosh.
But yes, the ending was hard for me to read at points because you wanted something different at first. But as it continued, I found this was the perfect ending, bittersweet as it may be.
One thing I wished though, was that Mara could have been justified at the end, but I also think it works into the lesson that it only matters that God is our Perfect Justice. That we mustn’t seek revenge and even justification for our own needs, but rather we need to leave it in the Almighty’s hands.
I will be honest and say I didn’t necessarily care for the epilogue, for various reasons. Not that it was bad in any way, I just didn’t care for the ending of it (the last paragraph or less, of the epilogue).
But still, this is an excellent book and well worth five stars! Mrs. Landsem writes so carefully, creatively and excellently!
A little note to the effect of it being part of a series: Yes, these books are better read when read in order, but it is not an absolute must. Reading them differently will just cause some ‘Oooh! I remember that in the second book!’ (if you read the second book before the first, like I did!), but won’t really hinder the enjoyment of reading.


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