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“Uncle Jesus” A review through BookCrash

I received “Uncle Jesus” by Georgia Lee Anderson (Illustrated by Max Stasuyk) as a free review copy through BookCrash ( by the publishers (Aspect Books – is the company that published said book)

I am now going to give my thoughts on it :)

“Uncle Jesus” as may be guessed from the title, is a children’s book, written through the perspective of Jesus’ brothers’ son. It was a cute read, and the pictures were very colourful and well done, sure to capture anyone’s attention, definitely a child’s. Obviously it was short, and it took me only a day to read it (less than a day), but it was a nicely done book. However, there is something I would like to point out. There was a pretty critical error in “Uncle Jesus”. It is about 15 pages in, where “Grandma Mary” is explaining to her grandson, “Shem”, why Jesus’ brothers, her sons, had a hard time believing Jesus was who He said He was. Written is: “…After all, He was their little brother – the one they teased and were sometime not too friendly with.” (This was taken directly out of “Uncle Jesus” by Georgia Lee Anderson). Jesus was not the little brother, as Mary was a virgin when the angel of God told her she was to have a Son. On the next page, “Grandma Mary” does say that she was not married when the angel brought the news, but the error is still there. I think this is a very important error, because it is an inaccurate retelling of God’s Word. When writing even a child’s book based on Biblical accounts, they need to be correct in every manner, as it is not just a book, but the Living Word. I will keep this book for my future children, but I will be sure to explain to my children what the Bible says, as I think is a vital thing in every book read to children. I also think that, though this was a cute book, it could have gone deeper on the life of Jesus from a child’s perspective. I know some think that children maybe don’t receive as much, but I think they are very receptive.
All in all, I give the book 3 stars rating. It was good, besides the error of Jesus’ age in His earthly family. Again, I believe that books written from Bible accounts simply must be carefully written and edited, making sure God’s Word is taken correctly, with all the facts He gives.
I am thankful for the chance to review “Uncle Jesus”. =)

(And to my readers: I am hoping to do a personal review about the movie “The Avengers” as we watched that recently and I did a lot of thinking on it. So, hopefully that will come next!)


I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on ““Uncle Jesus” A review through BookCrash

  1. Some have asked, How do you know Jesus had older stepbrothers? There are many arguments to support this position.

    #1 Notice that nowhere in the New Testament are the “brothers of Jesus” explicitly called “sons of Mary.” The passage that comes closest to that idea is Matthew 13:55: “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas?” (NIV). However, Jesus is the only one specifically called a son of Mary. Is this text saying that Mary was the mother only of Jesus and not of his brothers mentioned in the passage?

    #2 It is a fact that the “brothers” of Jesus tried several times to control Him. In Jewish family life, the older children had authority over the next in line and suggests the possibility that they were older than Jesus.

    #3 At the crucifixion, Jesus entrusted His mother to John. If he had younger brothers that were Mary’s children they would provided for her. The implication is that Jesus’ “brothers” were not Mary’s biological children.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; I would like to share mine as well…

      What you are suggesting is that Joseph was married to another, before Mary, thus having children older than Jesus. But I do not believe that God would leave such an important piece of His history and information out of His written, inspired Word. I think if that were the case, He would have had one of the Gospel writers mention this fact, as it would have, and would be if it were true, important. However, since none of the Gospel writers, or anyone else for that matter, included it, I can only believe that God did not orchestrate it that way. And there is absolutely no reason that Joseph and Mary would not continue to have children after Jesus – they were married, and that is what God instructs married couples to do in His Word.
      And yes, Jesus may be the only one called the son of Mary, but that is because God chose Mary to bring forth His Son into the world. Jesus is not merely a son of man, but the Son of God, given to us through Mary.
      You mentioned as an argument point, that Jesus entrusted His mother to John at His crucifixion; it is my understanding that Jesus’ brothers did not yet fully believe Jesus to be the Messiah, leaving Jesus to entrust the spiritual care of His mother to one of His trusted followers, as His brothers were not there. The Bible commands us to respect, honour and take care of our parents; I believe Jesus was fulfilling this commandment. After all, The Bible says that Jesus came not to destroy the law, but to fulfill it. He was showing us, through every aspect, how to fulfill and obey His Father’s Word.

      I understand if you feel very strongly about your belief, that is between you and God, my beliefs are between my and God as well, and if I need to be corrected, I have full faith that He will do so in His manner. Since you have shared your beliefs, and I have shared mine, I respectfully ask that we leave it at this. Thank you very much for commenting, and have a good Christmas :)

  2. Raechel, Wow, you found a definite blemish to this book. My daughter read it by herself but I have not read and reviewed it, yet!
    Quick question: Do you guest blog? I am doing a homeschool series about highschoolers on jan/feb and would love to have another perspective! I blog at or contact me via

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