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Skunk and Goose: A tragic story of life and lost.

We have had a sad occurence, that I told about on Google+ and so I shall just share that bit here. First the older one, then the newer one on the subject.

May 27, 2012 – Limited
So. It’s the end times. For the animals at least. This is what I came up with this morning. You see, we have had a visitor. I have dubbed it Satan, thus the one of the End Times of the Animals.
For the past couple weeks this visitor has plundered our egg, and left an odor. Yes folks, ’twas a skunk. We didn’t used to have any problems with animals in our barns, because of our dog (s) and all the other animals, but for some reason this skunk made it in. Perhaps it was it’s plotted revenge. There has been a war between Dad and skunk for…let’s see 9 years now. It begun when the skunk sprayed our dogs, who promptly rubbed against Mum and Dad on their way to the hospital in February 2003 to deliver my little sister, Noah. That was also soon after we first moved here. Now, of course, it can’t be the same skunk, but over the past 9 years, we have had many dealings with skunks. And yet, they won’t subject themselves to be dealt with. Dad is determined this time though, more than ever.
It happened sometime during the night. Last night. I came out this morning as usual, and got the outside chickens fed, along with the inside ones, and was about to go into feed the one banti chicken and Goose. But I noticed how quiet it was. “Goose?” I said… no sound. I open the pen door, look around, already knowing something was wrong; really I was just looking for the dead body. I found it. Poor Goose was grossly dead. It really was nasty. And so sad too, because Goose was becoming tame, and followed me around. I let Sesame Street out (she’s the banti) and finished my chores, and found where the predator got in. After I finished, I told Mum, and then it was time for Sunday School, so we had to leave, but when we got home, we told Dad and he took care of it, and set the live-trap. He also found the skunk’s droppings, proving it was Mr. Skunk. Hopefully Mr. Skunk will be dead soon.
So you see, this the Animals End Times. And it makes sense too – the skunk is all black, except for that bit of white, which proves he originally came from heaven, like Satan. Pastor Mike was at least impressed by my allegory rationalism.


Yesterday 9:39 AM – Limited
Well, Mr. Skunk is dead. And stinking up the barn just horribly. I did my chores this morning, and as I went into the chicken pen (the outside part) I saw there was a hole dug under, so after I finished filling the water, I checked in the pen that Goose was in where Dad set the trap, and sure enough I found a sleeping skunk in the live-trap. He obviously came back for his prey, but found it gone, so went for the egg that was in the live-trap. I told Dad and he went out and shot it. Bye-bye Skunk.


And there it is. Sad, yes.

I also have another bit to post (not from Google+) on dresses, but I’ll do that soon.


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