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Home again, home again.

I am home now. Which is very nice. But not. Because I don’t want home to be here. This trip, coming home was harder than normal for me. I don’t know how to explain it, but something changed, and my desire to move up there has changed – deepened, and become more realistic. I can honestly say it pained me to leave. We did look at two homes for sale up there, but one was absolutely out of the question after thinking on it. It was 80 acres, which was very nice, but the house, barn and sheds would have to be torn down – there was hardly anyway to redo them. Plus the house was so tiny. I mean so so tiny. It was a kitchen, a living room, and a little off room, which looked to be a bedroom at one point but was opened up. Anyway, then there was an upstairs that we didn’t even dare ascending the stairs…
The barn was an old one. Which would’ve been so lovely if it were fixable. And Dad said there was a slight chance for that to happen, but it’d be slim. We can’t really go through the whole process again – it has taken us nine years to get our house into the shape it’s in.
The second house is still in consideration actually. The price is more than decent, there is 22 acres, and room for pasture land, it’s in the town we so badly want to live in, and it’s on a dead-end road, that goes onto a paved road that is quiet. But…the house would also have to be torn down most likely. There is think/high black mold in the basement, and so it would have traveled upstairs as well. Plus the home is a split-level, which is not something we want. The land was gorgeous though…Again, this is still in consideration and most importantly prayers.

Our trip in general, was wonderful. I was out of it for most of the trip, but that’s okay. I couldn’t focus often…I believe that was due to lack of sleep for so many nights. I had to sleep on the floor, which did a number on my back, and kept me from much sleep. But it was fine. I could’ve changed that – but by the time we figured out a better arrangement, there was only like two nights left, and I did not want to blow up the freaking blow-up mattress for two nights.
We went up on Wednesday, and Dallas and David came up on Thursday – late. Like at 9:00pm.
On Friday, we went to the Aquarium for Noah’s birthday, which was lots of fun. I felt like I was five again or something :D Yes, I played with the boats on the Lake-table. It was great fun. And I figured, if a 26-year-old guy can do it, than so can I. David and I ‘played’ with the boats and such more than anyone else…
The green screen was a hoot as well. We all got involved with that one – even Dad. It was really a fun day. We got to watch the Otters play and get fed, which was grand. I touched a Stingray, talked to a magpie (whom I named as well), fed some ugly fish, and all that good stuff. We were there from..10:20am till like 2:45pm. We took like 45 minutes there to go eat lunch though.

Saturday we went into Duluth again, went to the Dollar Tree (by Noah’s request. It was her birthday after all.) She wanted some balloons. I got some cute stickers, a writing pad, and a bouncy-ball that has the world on it.

We arrived home yesterday, late afternoon, around 3:20pm. Mum and I had like 30 minutes before we left again, this time for town – for the first practice of the yearly Easter Choir thing. I was so exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally.
Then we got home an hour and a half or so later, I checked my emails, did my chores, came in and finally took a shower. Oh that was nice. The shower up at my grandparents is so ridiculously tiny. And I’m a short person. I don’t know how every body else manages it. I skipped out on a shower while I was up there, and just took one when I got home. My hair was so icky and oily/greasy Saturday-Sunday. I did take a shower once while I was up there, and my hair was still a mess – snarls, and all that good stuff. Plus it was on the ‘fluffier’ side, which is oft untamable..

Oh and I didn’t get to see my (yes, my) Lake Superior. :( Well, I got to see it out of the Aquarium window…but that was it, which is very sad. Just wanted y’all to know that.

Okay, well I shall depart now, and leave you with a long post :P


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

5 thoughts on “Home again, home again.

  1. Sounds like a loverly trip, though I’m sad that coming home was so hard for you! :P

    Those houses sound grand, I’m praying for you all to make the right decisions!

    Oh, that’s great! :D Tell David I think that’s awesome! Also, those are quite fun, I enjoy it myself!


    I can’t wait for our trip in June! :)

    1. ‘Twas yes. I love Duluth :)

      Haha, will do. Yes they are much fun! I want one in the house – of all the Great Lakes, and barges and such. That’s be grand :)

      I shall pass that on to her!

      Me either! That’ll be very fun! :)

  2. sounds like a lovely trip despite the coming home bit! : )
    what exactly is a lake table? I don’t think I have ever seen one.

    I hope Noah had a really lovely birthday!

    Love ~*Chantelle*~

    1. Yes, it was! :)
      Well, have you ever heard of a water-table? It’s a table with like a sink type area in it, and you fill it with water, and then play in it and whatnot. This was just a much bigger scale of that, and with the Great Lakes as the template. I’m sorry – I’m not very good at explaining!

      Thank you! I think she did :)

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