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My heart lies north

I want so badly to be up in Duluth, I can’t tell you. I am aching for the smell, for the sight, for the feel. I want to stand on the rocks at the point, looking at Lake Superior and never cease to be awed by it. Lake Superior is…amazing. I know I’ve been over all this before, but I adore it in Duluth.
Ideal situation would be for us to move to a town very near Duluth (we want Moose Lake, but still haven’t been able to find the perfect house there.) and then I get my driving license, and I could drive to Lake Superior whenever I wished. Yes, I would battle the terribly roads of Duluth (whose idea was it to build a huge ‘town’ on a hill?) just to get to L.S.
Not only would I go to L.S. I’d also go to my beloved Seven Bridges Road, and even possible Enger Tower. That’s a very cool place too.
Yeah, I’m not sure why I live so south. :P

I was looking through some of the pictures on the computer, and came across one of my initials in the ice, and you can see my foot in a flip-flop. Haha. I am very much accustomed to cold weather. I thrive in it. ;)
Here, this is the photo:

It’s my grandparents’ lake that I am at in the picture.

I don’t know when we’ll be able to go up to Duluth again…it’s not looking like a very soon possibility. :( We all want to of course, but it very unfortunately isn’t possible right now…
Maybe later on this month, or maybe next month, who knows. I just hope it’s soon! I need my Duluth-fix ;) I was up there in October, and then November again, and we were hoping for a December visit, but that didn’t happen. Oh well…

Oh and just to note quick – I did end up changing my blog-name sort of. I didn’t change the web-address yet, (I probably won’t) but as I’m sure you saw, the blog now says “Gods Peculiar Treasure Raechel instead of just ‘Rae’. I had reasons for this.

One last thing:
Today is my Mum’s birthday! Yay, Happy Birthday Mum!! :)
(We get to have Culver’s for her b-day dinner! Yumm.)

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“I’m a train routed off course just to keep on track”

Happy New Year officially. It’s January 3rd now. (As if you didn’t already know that.)
And what better a way to start out the year than with a random blog-post? Well, I’m sure there are better ways, but my ways are not always thought ‘better’ necessarily.
I do have some things to say:
I up-dated my ‘About Page’ if anyone cares to take a look.

I’m also thinking about changing my username and such…I don’t know though…I’m very undecided. I just don’t know if I want to be “Godspeculiartreasurerae” anymore…

Welp, I dink dat whas itt. Haha.

How about a funny photo of yours truly?

Raechel (me) dresses as 'Pauline' from the show "Doc Martin"

=D The puffy white skirt (meant for going under swing-dance skirts) makes me look fat because I had to pull it up, since the dress isn’t all that long :P
Have you ever seen or heard of the tv show “Doc Martin”? It’s an English show, and very funny. I mean, its purpose isn’t to be funny, but it is. Well anyway, the receptionist, Pauline, dresses very unique-ly (I like it) and this was my outfit of her ;)

Okay…I was sure I had something else to say, but I am blanking…Oh! I’ve a new boyfriend. Hahahaha. (For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about: My boyfriends…aren’t exactly .. ‘real’…sort of…never mind. Ask if you are confused.)
His name is Jaethan. (I rather like that name.) He’s…evil though. Well, not exactly. He’s just an evil twin of someone, and in order for him not to take over my town, I agreed to dating him. Yeah, it’s complicated.

So…yeah, that was it.