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Narnia, or Lord of the Rings?

What say you?

Yes!! This is my cloak…and bum..bum…bum…my new SWORD! Isn’t it astonishing? That’s what I was waiting to post about with my cloak, because it is just so awesome. More on the sword later.

Anyway, to come back around to my title – I’ve been wearing my cloak every where pretty much, and that includes church. Last Sunday I got so many comments on it. “What are you?” “Are you from Lord of the Rings?” “Are you part Elven or something?” “Are you Lucy from Narnia?”  Make up your minds people! Which is it, LotR or Narnia? In all actuality it’s not really either. I am just me. Raechel. Who is actually now officially a Lady:

That is what the blade says.  I love it.  I can finally be a Knight. Whaat.

(Have you ever seen the show ‘Jane and the Dragon”? It’s on tv, channel qubo? Well we altered the song to fit me: “There once was a Lady in waiting…Let’s call her Rae…that girl wasn’t ordinary!…No way for me, a lady stuck in waiting, I’d rather battling fire-breathing dragons. I knew I could prove that a girl could be a Knight, but my friends all laughed at. But I wouldn’t be defeated, and I trained in secret, met a firebreathing dragon, and everone was freakin’ so I went alone to the dragons home…to slay the dragon….Hey now, hey now now, Rae & the dragon are best friends now…” okay, I think you get the point now ;) )

This above photo kind of shows it’s length and whatnot.

My cloak w/o the hood up

This above photo is the cloak w/o the hood up (obviously).

My cloak was finished…November…22nd I think…the day before (actually the night before) we left for Duluth for Thanksgiving. I really love it, and it’s quite warm. The outside is green as I’m sure you can tell, with gold specks sort of, that shimmers when I walk. And the green is the same colour of my eyes, to that’s a major bonus ;) The inside is purple. Why purple? Well, at first I wasn’t going to do a lining. Then we decided it’d be best. What colour did I want though? Well, I liked how maroon looked inside the green, so we were gonna get some maroon coloured dye (we had white fabric already from something else) and dye the white fabric. But when we bought it, and tried it the fabric came out pink…and it honestly didn’t look the greatest (thankfully we only dyed the hood that colour, which we didn’t end up using anyway) and so we were gonna come up with something else. How about black? Black it is. But the dye wasn’t very strong, and since we had a lot of fabric it didn’t really dye black, but rather purple. So we just stuck with that. And it turned out nicely, I think. I am very happy with it.

Here, in this following photo you can kind of see how the cloak matches my eyes:

And the pommel of the sword reads: “The King reigns and His Son” because it is…a Knights of Arrethtrae Sword which makes it even better! Those are some of the best books ever. I adore that series, and was thrilled to find out they offered real swords. This sword was a bit more expensive then the original one I was going to get on the KOA site, but this was is also supposedly significantly better quality. (Inside joke there…) And so in honour of this significantly good quality sword, it’s name shall be…Significantly! Woohoo!

Oh and because this is semi similar to this topic, yesterday morning I was listening to some of the music from How to Train Your Dragon (ahhhh. I do so love that movie) and I found this site where a guy was offering the piano music for some of the songs for free! I printed one of them off, because I have high hopes that Noah will be able to play it someday. (She’s learning piano, to those of you who don’t know).

Alrighty then. There is my uberly exciting news!!! I am so in love with my sword, as well as my cloak, and of course Toothless. I will always love him.

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Hide and Seek & The Stockade

Last evening, I finally agreed to playing with Noah (I had been working on something all day; I’m quite happy with the results of the project too. But anyway) and the game we settled on was Hide and Seek. Mum played as well, and for once it was loads of fun. I don’t normally care for that game, but it can be fun. And this time it definitely was. We were only hiding in the downstairs part of the house, so we soon exhausted our resources, but we did find some great spots. Noah, being the smallest, had the hardest spots to hide and find, and Mum would hide in obvious spots, which made me laugh all the harder. At one point I hid under a tiny table, curled in a ball, accompanied by spiders. O what one will do to hide.
Once we were a little tired of running around and hiding/seeking, we stopped for a bit while Mum finished dishes. Then we moved upstairs and played again. One thing you must know about me, is that I am superb at moving around without making noises. For some reason if I try I can be utterly silent. It’s awesome. I hid right behind Mum while she was counting, and she didn’t even find me right away.
So that was our evening of game-playing.

The Forest City Stockade was this past weekend again. They have a summer one and a winter one. Since Dad and a handful of other guys were out here at our house roofing, just Mum, Noah, Noah’s friend and I went. Dallas was at our house as well, but she wasn’t feeling well and so she stayed home – er, I mean, our house.
The Stockade was enjoyable as usual. Mum got me a lovely Christmas present. I kept telling her not to, but she seriously was ignoring me. Oh well, the present is amazing. I’m sure some of you could most likely guess what it is.

And more exciting news I shall be posting about later on this week hopefully, provided ‘it’ comes. (RaeAnne, I know you know what it is, so don’t say here! ;) ) Oh and I know I said my next post (this one) would be about my cloak that is completed, but I am going to include that with the next post with what should have arrived by then. It’ll just work better, you’ll see :)

And just a quick note on writing. I am so.. stoked seriously. I just found out the current book I am writing in, will have sort of a sequel. Oh it’ll be so perfect!!! God showed that to me last night, gave me a title for the sort of series, and the beginning of this next book. It will be about Brynn and Ezra’s first child, who has a seriously awesome name. I was just thinking about how sad I will be when I finish Brynn’s story, because I love her and Ezra (and Brendan, and Mira, and Judah…oh I could go on. Oh! And Judah will have his own story too) and after writing in that story for so long (almost a year now) it’s a part of me. But I am nearing the end somewhat. And now I have the lovely thought of continuing with Brynn and Ezra’s daughter.
This may not make sense to you, or be a surprise to you, as I realize I don’t talk about my writing a lot, but it is a HUGE part of me, seriously. I can’t imagine life without writing :)