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Here comes a New Year. New joys, new troubles, new love and new enjoyment.

Wow, it’s amazing how much can happen in one year, sin’t it? I was looking back in my journal from Dec. 31st 2010, to now, Dec. 31st 2011.
It might sound silly, but I honestly feel like I’ve changed a lot, during a short span of time. I mean, these past journal entries show some immaturity, and things I dealt with that seemed so huge and life-changing at the time. Now it doesn’t seem so huge. I feel older. Weird thing time is, yeah? Some things seem so very long ago, and other things seem like they were just yesterday.

I saw on Timothy’s blog ( ) that he made a list of some things that he did (for the first time) in this past year of 2011, and I thought that was a neat idea, so I also made a list. So, I thought’s I’d share it with ye all.

Nearly (probably did…) cried over a site ending. (Jibe Now)
Talked to Flossie on the phone.
Got rid of 99% of my books by request of my Lord. (And have since gained back more!)
Watched a young man propose. To my sister.
Ate a Galaxy Bar sent to me from Northern Ireland. (That’s some real chocolate.)
Led a Bright Light’s Group using my own written material given by God.
Was a bridesmaid. In my sisters wedding.
Met some friends from Jibe Now.
Brought a kitten inside to stay.
Was (jokingly) called ‘Jesus’ by someone for a week.
Talked on the phone to RaeAnne for an hour and a half.
Stood outside and watched an almost-tornado.
Found out I’m going to be an aunt of a wee little boy.
Had a Walmart employee young man talk to me, and ask how old I was. (And saw his dissapointment at my not being college age)
Wrote a complete letter in German. (Mayhaps cheating some…)
Wrote a song. (more followed)
Grew closer to Mum.
Worked. (at neighbours)
Got a ‘real’ closet of my own.
Got a Twitter account.
‘Quited’ Twitter.
Had a very life-like dream of dying.
Got my long-awaited sword.

Yes, that is quite a long list. But a lot happened. Even more than that, but get real, I won’t bore ye all that much. ;)

Another thing that happened was I watched two horses die. :( Well, technically only one. Dolly died in the night. Last night. Dolly was Dallas’ first horse, and she was so sweet. She was 26 years old. And she wouldn’t pass until she said goodbye to Dallas. That was so sweet… But we are left with only memories. And 8 horses. Which will be weird.

On a happier note: my goal for tonight is not to stay up till midnight, but to stay up as long as it takes me to finish the book “The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun” by J.R.R Tolkien. (Lent (?) to me by my not-so-good blogstalker, Toby.) This goal shouldn’t be too hard, seeing as I’m almost done with it!

So, are we ready for the New Year? Maybe. Probably not. But it’s coming; whether we like it or not.



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on “Here comes a New Year. New joys, new troubles, new love and new enjoyment.

  1. Happy New Year!

    Wow! You had quite a busy 2011 didn’t you? Can you believe how much can happen in a year (or less than)?! It’s amazing!

    I haven’t had the guts to go look back at my diary writings! :P But I didn’t really write what I was feeling as much as what I had been doing, so I doubt it’d be as bad as I think it would! :P

    Best hour and a half ever, not to mention the best (and easiest) conversation on the phone! :)

    Aw! :P That’s sad! :'( Bummer…. :P

    I know you finished your book (I was up until 3-I had stayed over at a friend’s- and was still awake at church!), did you love it?!

    1. Yes, I did, I guess! I wouldn’t have really thought it, but looking back at journal entries, I did! It certainly is astonishing how much can happen in one year.

      Haha! I look at my old journals allll the time. I’m almost done with my 8th journal. My poor journal gets all the junk I go through :D

      Hehe, yeah, that’s for sure! I’ve talked on the phone more times this year than ever before, as sad as that is :P (And I mean, talked-talked. Not just calling to see if someone could come over or whatever) :D

      Yep, I did indeed finish the book. Well mostly. I finished the legend and then half of the commentary, which I finished last night. Holy smokes, RaeAnne. That’s late! And you still was awake at church? That’s crazy :D
      And yes, I did enjoy the Legend very much. A lot more than the parts (intos, commentaries, etc.) by J.R.R Tolkien’s son…sorry Christopher…

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