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Things that annoy me

Decemberadio It’s not the band that annoys me, it’s the name. There needs to be another ‘r’ in there, because if separated it’d say: December adio or Decembe radio. That doesn’t make sense. I understand their want to be different, so I guess I’ll let it be.

Jasper he is one of the cats we have outside that has come close to death by my blades three times now. And only one was on purpose…

Whiny singers who mostly are girls. I’m sure they can sing normally if they wanted to, so please, do so.

the black chicken who is in the barn. She’s super annoying. She follows you around with those beady eyes, and her chest out, and she just makes you want to kick her.

These are a few things that annoy me.

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As it is November, people are thinking of what to get their kids for Christmas. I am not one of those peoples, because my ‘kids’ are all animals, and all they could care about is food. And they get that on a daily basis.
And my parents are not thinking about this, because we have decided to only do one present per person, and with the rest of the money that would normally be spent on presents will go to Voice of the Martyrs or one such organization to give to those who don’t have.
I know my parents already have Noah’s present, which will be pretty sweet, as it’s a electric train set. (I’ve got a wooden train set and a wooden car set from years past :D)
Mum keeps asking what I want, and I can’t think of anything…a CD maybe? I don’t know. Not too concerned about it.
But, now, here’s the exciting part. Other people are still looking for wonderful toys and such for their chillin’s. And do I have the present for them. It is an expensive Magic Cabin organic cotton fairy doll kept in exceptional condition. A few years ago, I saved and saved, and with my Christmas money, finally got this doll. (I was unfortunately very into fairies…ugh.) Then she sat on my shelf for years. And now, I have a purpose for her. Whoever buys this lovely doll, with unknowingly be supplying me with the money to get my long-awaited Knights of Arrethtrae Sword. It is AMAZING. A real true sword. This has been on my ‘list’ for a L-O-N-G time. Never had the cash though. It’s pretty expensive – for me at least; a non working girl, who lives 5 miles from any civilization, and isn’t allowed to bike to town. Bummer.
But come near Christmas time, I shall God-willing, have the beautiful sword! And won’t that be spectacular?

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Funny that I would use the same title for something that is saying something that’s so something different. Haha, something.

In all seriousness now: as most of you, if not all, have already seen, I am done on Twitter.
I know that it’s what God was leading to, and so for that part of it, I am not too saddened. I am however saddened to leave it, because I did enjoy it. But my Savior comes above everything else, and so I shall do as He leads. “Joy comes after the pain.”
I’m not really going to go into it too deeply, as I have already with a couple of you. But in brief this is the reason:
I got down on my knees last night, seeking God, asking Him if something was causing a strain on my relationship with Him. Twitter kept popping into mind. I tried pushing it away, not wanting to give up Twitter, but it wouldn’t dissipate, so I asked God to show me some verses in the Bible that would confirm His wish for me to end Twitter. He did. I found my answers in Isaiah. I broke, and said I would give it up. Flesh is hard to die to, I said. Jesus Christ whispered back “I know. I did it for you.” I asked how? He said “Because My love for you overcame the pain. That’s why, My beloved.”
That was…amazing.
If He gave up His life for ME, I should be more than willing to give up something so stupid and trifle and a Twitter account. It’s still hard though.
But yes, so that is my explanation in brief! Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Of blades and names.

Yesterday, I was pleased to see the mail-man pulling into our driveway – because I knew what that meant. The tomahawks previously ordered were here!
There were five in total. Unfortunately not all were mine. As a matter of fact, only one was rightfully mine (thank you Nanny and Grandpa John for funding my tomahawk with some of my b-day money!) and one was my Dad’s. The other 3 belong to some dude named Toby. Not exactly sure who he is, but we ordered together nontheless. Haha :P

As soon as they came, and I opened up de box, my family and I headed outside, to my log. Mum stole my tomahawk, and threw it first, which really was not very fair, but seeing as she is my mother, I shant get too angry ;) I got next throw. And then next, and so on. Dad came out too, and was throwing as well. Amazingly enough mine stuck more times than it didn’t, and more times than Dads ;)
Though, soon after we started, they all deserted me because it was too cold and windy. It was quite so – my hair no longer looked clean and nice, but rather like a rat’s nest. Oh well. Didn’t stop me.

So, here is a photo of my tomahawk whose name shall be called “Toma” I know, you’re all thinking “Really? That’s the name you chose? That’s stupid.” But really it’s not, because it’s the name of the main person in a book that I highly enjoyed (even though no one else did…everyone said it was too morbid and just dark. But it was Christian, and had a very very good Christian message in my opinion.).

And there it is. :)

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I’ve got nothing for you.

I figured it was time for another post…this one is going to be random or constructive. Not sure which yet…

Yesterday confirmed that I would most likely turn goth or something if I went to highschool. You see, we went to a play that was at the highschool, done by the highschoolers. What was weird, is I knew like half the girls that also were watching, as well as quite a few in the play. I kept sliding down in my chair, hoping they wouldn’t remember me. It seemed to work. Either I’m not memorable, or they just didn’t care. I could care less which it is.
I’m sorry, but all the girls and guys look alike. All of them. Every girl looks like the next girl, pretty much every guy looks like the next guy.
And there were too many of them. Everywhere you looked there were young people. Mum, Dallas and I got talking again, and even Dallas said “Yep, Rae wouldn’t make it. People would hate me.” Haha, I beg your pardon! I’d make it, just not very well…Haha :) You guys know who I am, you know I’m quiet. You know I’m different. That just wouldn’t go very well in most highschools.
I am so thankful I am homeschooled. Blessed am I!

The play we attended (which was just the last rehearsal actually) was “Beauty and the Beast” it was pretty good. In my opinion the gal who played Belle, and the guys who played Gaston (sp?), Lafoo (sp?) and the candlestick dude that starts with an ‘L’ but have no idea how to even begin to spell it… anyway they did quite good.

Well that was a boring post. But at least it was one, right?