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Things that annoy me

Decemberadio It’s not the band that annoys me, it’s the name. There needs to be another ‘r’ in there, because if separated it’d say: December adio or Decembe radio. That doesn’t make sense. I understand their want to be different, so I guess I’ll let it be.

Jasper he is one of the cats we have outside that has come close to death by my blades three times now. And only one was on purpose…

Whiny singers who mostly are girls. I’m sure they can sing normally if they wanted to, so please, do so.

the black chicken who is in the barn. She’s super annoying. She follows you around with those beady eyes, and her chest out, and she just makes you want to kick her.

These are a few things that annoy me.



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

5 thoughts on “Things that annoy me

  1. Two things. First, I like DecembeRadio. I saw them in concert and they rocked. And I like their music. For me, a band’s name doesn’t bug me as long as their music is good. DecembeRadio’s name used to bug me, but same with Sanctus Real.

    Second, it depends what you mean by whiny singers. I like Britt Nicole and Lanae Hale, so if they fit your idea of whiners, then we disagree. But I really, really don’t like Adele’s voice, so if that’s what you mean by whiny, then I think we’ve finally found something we agree on.

    1. I didn’t say I didn’t like DecembeRadio – I can’t place their music with the name, but I just have never understood their band name. I’m sure they have awesome music.

      And actually if you must know, I hate Britt Nicole, but was forced to like her against my will; I heard one of her songs, and really liked it, before finding out it was her, and now have her CD…*Hinds in shame* I still don’t like her though. :D And Lanae Hale doesn’t have a whiny voice – it’s unique. That’s different. So there, we agree there :P Never heard Adele before…

      1. Adele has a voice like a southern gospel band would love to have… only she tries to sing pop music. Without auto tune. Most of the time she doesn’t hit her notes quite right. Bugs the crap out of me.

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