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I’ve been awarded :)

It has been a long time since I have been blog awarded…:P
Thank you Bekah ( for these following two awards!

With this award I believe I also have to share 7 things about myself…

1. I have recently begun to throw knives.
2. I am a little tired, and a little sore, because of my hard bed. Time for new one.
3. Watched a ‘Psych’ last night with family.
4. My cat is sleeping on my lap.
5. I’m learning Russian, and can write my whole name in it.
6. Tomorrows my birthday and I’m getting married. NOT! Just kidding. Couldn’t help it though.
7. Today I get to clean guinea pig cages :P

It says to award 15 people, but I know I couldn’t come up with that many, so I don’t think I shall be awarding anyone. If you want to be awarded, Hey, congratulations! I award you! Go ahead and take these awards, and say you’be been awarded :)

Second award is this:

It’s German for ‘sweet’ or ‘kind’. And I like German a lot :P
This one only requires 5 awards, so mayhaps I shall do that… I here-by award:
RaeAnne (
Bekah ( I know you’ve already been awarded, but here ye go again :)
Amy (
Annie (
I can’t think of another one….sorry!

If ye don’t want it, don’t feel like you have to. I just had to come up with five people ( 5 girls really. These awards are kind of girly :P ) I know blog :D (which I failed to do…)

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A song

This following song can often cause me to cry. I practically sobbed when I listened to it the night after Dallas’s wedding…

Why, you ask does it make me sometimes cry? Especially after Dallas got married? Well, because it’s pretty much our ‘childhood’. I don’t know. The beginning of the song describes what Dallas and I did all the time when we were younger, and now that’s over. We’re not young, she’s married. I’ll be sixteen soon. Not six. It’s just one of those things that creates a memory to come back up that you forgot, or not so much forgot, but left in the back of your mind.
Nobody has to understand, I don’t expect anyone too. I just felt like sharing. :)
And don’t think for a moment that I am not happy where I am at. I am abundantly happy. God has blessed my years. I’ll be an aunt someday soon, God-willing. And that is incredibly exciting.
This is the point where someone slaps me, and says “GET A GRIP RAECHEL!” and I say “I’ve got a grip on life. Just reminiscing. And I’m thankful.”

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Dinner anyone?

Weird title, yes.
Last evening Dallas and David came out again, this time having dinner with us and staying longer. We had a very good time together, and it was wonderful to see them after so long! After dinner, (which was yummy porkchops on the grill, cheesy-potatoes, and corn.) we went outside, and David wanted to see me throw my ‘new’ knife, and wanted to try as well. We did that for a while, and Dallas soon wanted to try it. I love her dearly, but well, she’s been this way for ever. Not one to play soft-ball or any sport with. Needless to say she didn’t make the target. But she did try, for which we give her credit! Mum was the same way :P And I have a fear that Noah is turning out the same way…but that’s besides the point!
After that we tossed the football Noah had for a bit. David was fun to do that with, because he’d actually throw it long and far. I’m not all that good at throwing the football (way more used to softball) but I can kick it and catch it well enough. Dallas actually did a pretty nice job of throwing, so good for her! I had to stop when the band-aid on right ring-finger fell off. You see, the day after I got my knife, it fell, and just out of instinct I reached for it, trying to catch it before it fell – I caught it, but managed only to catch the blade which was very sharp, and cut deep. My finger will still bleed if scratched :P Thankfully it doesn’t hurt.
Anywho. So that evening was fun. We also had s’mores.
Sunday, I think it was, Dad and I were out throwing my knife (he tried a huge ax, and then a machetes) and Mum had the camera. Scary thought, ay? Just kidding. She did get some decent pictures, but they’re not loaded on here.
Well, this had no theme at all, really. Oh well. Today is the homeschool picnic deal… :( Yes that was a unhappy smiley. I don’t really want to go, for various reasons. I’ll deal though. :)

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The Hayride

(Warning: this post may turn out a bit long, due to it’s telling.)
This post is not going to only be subjected to the Hayride, but rather the entire evening. The title sounded correct though.
Once upon a time, there lived a family of…four. (There in fact used to be five, but one up and left for the marrying scheme.) On a Friday evening, they all got in the car (which is more correctly said as a mini-van) and drove three and about a half miles away to a family from church’s house. They also lived on a farm, and had really adorable cows. But that does not partain to this story.
The evening was filled with a pot-luck, a fire, some games for the children if they so desired to play, and of course, the glorious hay-ride.
The young maiden of the family of four previously stated, came wielding her new knife. First, ye readers must know, that this family was not considered ‘normal’ in their church family. This young maiden was thought especially weird. This young maidens name was none-other than a Lady Raechel, who in fact was not a lady at all in proper being or rule. But that shall be her name as of now for this account.
After having a wee bit of food, the Lady Raechel, and her younger sister, Miss Noah, as well as their mother, Duchess Kelly (who in fact was no duchess at all, but shall be for this account.) These three, found seats by a small table, and ate by themselves, while Duke Kelly (who in fact is no duke at all, but shall be for this certain account.) sat near Duke Art, and Sir Dimitri talking about the royal foot-ball or something. Their story is of no ordeal to us though.
As the three Kelly ladies sat and ate, they were joined by a Duke Steve (who in fact is no duke at all, but shall be for this certain account) He took notice of Lady Raechel’s knife, and was greatly surprised. “I am greatly surprised!”
Another someone joined this group, who was indeed Duchess Mary Anne (who in fact is not a duchess, but shall be for this certain account). This group now sat around talking, Lady Raechel unfortunately being the center of attention, who might have been blushing, but laughed none-the-less. Why was this young maiden the center of the others focus? It was for her knife she carried on her person. Duke Steve was as stated, greatly surprised, and leaned in, saying “What peculiar beings these Kelly ladies be! I am astonished, and quite eager to here more.”
Duchess Kelly did most of the talking, but there were many times when Lady Raechel talked directly indeed. The conversation soon waned, and it was time for the mighty carriage (*ahem* tractor) ride. Duke Mike, who was the leader of the church family, helped the ladies up onto the carriages, (which in fact were not carriages, but metal things, with hay in them, but shall be called carriages for this certain account). The ride was pleasant, and few toads were spotted. The ride went off without a hitch, so to speak.
It was now darkening, when the carriage arrived back at the farm, and the talking continued among the villagers.
Over time, Lady Raechel grew quite tired, and knew her animals awaited her at home, the same became of Duchess Kelly, and Miss Noah. The last thing to do was convince Duke Kelly of this matter. They did, and were off toward their own home, where their animals awaited them. And perhaps a pen and paper for Lady Raechel.

The End.

(This account is true, though some words were altered to fit the way of this telling.)

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God’s blessing unto me.

It’s not a lie that God cares about the small things. He has quite proven that to me many times. He cares for what we care for. I have been finding that He is like a father. I mean, yes, I’ve always known He is our heavenly Father, but He wants to make us happy and make us comfortable such as some of our earthly fathers do.
As most of you know I have a great interest in knives and swords. A friend told me that a Buck 119 knife was pretty good for throwing, and such, and could be found at walmart for $45.

(No I did not take this picture. Google gets the credit) =)
K. Cool. The only problem was, I don’t have money. So I prayed. I asked that if He would, God would provide the money I needed for this knife. I thought about finding other cheaper knives, but since I had some back-info on this one, and we have a walmart right in town, I’d go for that one. For a while I gave up on getting that knife, because when, besides my b-day, would I get enough money? I had saved $30 for the Island trip, but never spent it, so I put it away. Then at the Stockade, I spent $10 of it on a long old cool looking knife. And I saved the last $20.
A while back we were going to do some friends chores. But the first morning we got there, their pregnant dog was dead. So needless to say that was the only time we did anything, because the family took care of it. I didn’t even expect to get paid for that one morning. Time went by, and Monday night came, which found the Azure truck. Well that family orders from it. She gave us a envelope, addressed to Mum and I. We didn’t open it till we got home. It has a check made out for $25 dollars in it. The exact amount I needed. The cool thing is, the day before I had prayed again for that knife. The Lord delivers. I wasn’t sure though, and didn’t want to spend it if it wasn’t God’s will. Yes, it seemed like it, but still…I owed tithing. Tithing comes first. Guess how much money I made at the booksale the next day? Just enough for tithing. I prayed about it, and felt the go-ahead to get this knife. So finally, finally, finally, we went to walmart yesterday. And. Got. The. Knife. Yay! It’s really nice. I love how it feels in my hand. The sheath is awesome too, and I can wear it around. It was funny, because we had to pay for it in the back (security reasons) and the dude must not have scanned the thing that makes it beep on the way out. So when walking out of walmart, the alarm went off. We knew it was the knife, and thankfully Bonnie was the greeter (is that the correct spelling? My mind is blank!) who is very nice, and talks to us every time we see her. She got it all fixed, but heads were turned at the alarm. Hehehe. I had to laugh, because it must have looked somewhat humorous. “Oh yes, it’s my knife. Don’t worry!” The dude Mum had me practically betrothed to (ya know…that one. Who asked how old I was.) was working, and turned around at it too. Not so harmless, am I? Mum and I had to joke about what he might’ve been thinking ^.^