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God’s blessing unto me.

It’s not a lie that God cares about the small things. He has quite proven that to me many times. He cares for what we care for. I have been finding that He is like a father. I mean, yes, I’ve always known He is our heavenly Father, but He wants to make us happy and make us comfortable such as some of our earthly fathers do.
As most of you know I have a great interest in knives and swords. A friend told me that a Buck 119 knife was pretty good for throwing, and such, and could be found at walmart for $45.

(No I did not take this picture. Google gets the credit) =)
K. Cool. The only problem was, I don’t have money. So I prayed. I asked that if He would, God would provide the money I needed for this knife. I thought about finding other cheaper knives, but since I had some back-info on this one, and we have a walmart right in town, I’d go for that one. For a while I gave up on getting that knife, because when, besides my b-day, would I get enough money? I had saved $30 for the Island trip, but never spent it, so I put it away. Then at the Stockade, I spent $10 of it on a long old cool looking knife. And I saved the last $20.
A while back we were going to do some friends chores. But the first morning we got there, their pregnant dog was dead. So needless to say that was the only time we did anything, because the family took care of it. I didn’t even expect to get paid for that one morning. Time went by, and Monday night came, which found the Azure truck. Well that family orders from it. She gave us a envelope, addressed to Mum and I. We didn’t open it till we got home. It has a check made out for $25 dollars in it. The exact amount I needed. The cool thing is, the day before I had prayed again for that knife. The Lord delivers. I wasn’t sure though, and didn’t want to spend it if it wasn’t God’s will. Yes, it seemed like it, but still…I owed tithing. Tithing comes first. Guess how much money I made at the booksale the next day? Just enough for tithing. I prayed about it, and felt the go-ahead to get this knife. So finally, finally, finally, we went to walmart yesterday. And. Got. The. Knife. Yay! It’s really nice. I love how it feels in my hand. The sheath is awesome too, and I can wear it around. It was funny, because we had to pay for it in the back (security reasons) and the dude must not have scanned the thing that makes it beep on the way out. So when walking out of walmart, the alarm went off. We knew it was the knife, and thankfully Bonnie was the greeter (is that the correct spelling? My mind is blank!) who is very nice, and talks to us every time we see her. She got it all fixed, but heads were turned at the alarm. Hehehe. I had to laugh, because it must have looked somewhat humorous. “Oh yes, it’s my knife. Don’t worry!” The dude Mum had me practically betrothed to (ya know…that one. Who asked how old I was.) was working, and turned around at it too. Not so harmless, am I? Mum and I had to joke about what he might’ve been thinking ^.^


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on “God’s blessing unto me.

  1. ooh cool. knifes are cool. i want to get .22 rifle,though. i think i copuld use it more. :) people are always funny when a girl talks about guns or knives. lol

    1. Yes they are :) Oh those are cool. I hope you are able to get one soon, then! Haha, I know. Last night was a church bon-fire, and I was wearing my knife, and this one guy wouldn’t let it go! It was pretty funny :P

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