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New look

What say you of the new template? I personally like it very fondly. It’s…awesome. I must say though, that I was a bit saddened to take away my ‘Toothless’ picture for the header, but I suppose one shall live through the change ;)
Today is Bright Lights. I’m sort of excited to see what God’s going to do, since He didn’t have me prepare a full lesson!
Yesterday, I walked around the lake in town, with a friend – we had a pretty good time :) We leave for the Island in less than a week now!! Ahhhh! Can hardly believe it’s so soon. Long car drive up ahead. But thankfully, and only to my delight, we won’t have the dvd player. David and Dallas will :D You see, Noah has to have it on the highest volume. And well…ahem…I don’t like much noise on car rides.
One thing I am looking forward to do up there (besides take in the view. The water. Oh. my.word.) is playing kick-the-can with just about everybody like we did last year :D So awesome! Dallas and Pete will probably win again…!

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A give-away over at Shining Stars mag.

Hello one and all!
Sorry for the lack of posts. Hasn’t been much to post about :P

Anywho. I am blogging about a give-away that is going on over at Shining Stars Magazine! It is a lovely two-winner giveaway, of knitted products. Looks splendid to me :)
To enter, go here:

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Yesterday was a busy day. Well, in sorts. We ran errons (sp?) all day. We left the house at quarter to eight am, and didn’t get home till 2:30, but then left again by 3 pm and didn’t get home till around 5 pm.
The morning bit was spent in another town, semi close. Well, first we had to go to some friends house to learn their chores, so I can do them over the weekend.
In W. (what I will be calling the town) we stopped at GoodWill, where I found three awesome books, plus Mum found quite a few other things. Then we went to…The Christian book store, I believe. Wow. I LOVE it there. We seriously had a hard time leaving. We’d go to leave, and then find more stuff! What I bought there was a ring that says “Greater is He that is in me.” a necklace in the shape of a guitar pick, that says on the front “You never let go” and on the back it says “I will fear no evil for my God is with me.”, and I also got a book, as well as a shirt that I love, which says “Faith Book: God wants to add you to His Book, do you accept?” Cool, huh? Mum got some stuff too.
After that we went to a few more stops and finally came home for what felt like a few minutes, then went back into out town, L. and first dropped off eggs at some friends, then dropped off a cat carrier for Dallas, and talked with her for a bit. She has a cat :) Unlike any cat I’ve ever seen…His name is Ferdinan, if anyone has ever read that book, you’ll know sort of what kind of cat he is.
Then off to Walmart Mum, Noah and I went. We got what we needed, then checked out. Of course Mum, being a Mum, went in this one young man’s line, because he smiled at me before. (eye-roll, and embarrassment) And in Mum’s mind , I might as well be married to guy, because he asked how old I was, in a round-about way. *Smack hand to head*
But lucky to Mum, he’s moving to CA come fall, and that shall be the end of that.