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So soon?

Yep, I know. So soon for another post. But my mind has been on me up-coming b-day, and I thought I’d share me thoughts.
Why would I be thinking of something that is a little over a month away? Well because 1) I can and 2) we were just at a children’s b-day party, which got me thinking.
Mum and I were joking that for my 16th birthday, I’d have a “Coming Out Ball” ^.^ Funny thought, no?

I don’t want anything big to celebrate my 16th birthday. No silly birthday party where some people come and laugh/giggle, eat, watch me open presents, make me uncomfortable as they stare so intensely as I open their present and where it is all about ME.
The only thing I want for my birthday is the trunk I’m getting and possibly a trip to Duluth, God-willing. The perfect way to spend my b-day would be at Seven Bridges Road with a small picnic. I just want something very simple. No hoopla, no whatever.
I am looking forward to turning 16 though. Finally an age closer to matching my maturity ;) Haha. If I have money, (praying God provides) I might get my permit, and then license….hopefully. I’d be a very careful driver, worry not. I have studied how Mum and Dad drive the car since I was little. No joke. It’s in my blood to drive. While we’re talking about driving, here are two things I want to do before I die (besides the obvious of missioning, and possibly marrying if it’s God’s will.)
Drive a race car
Play a dead-person in a show/movie/play/ etc. Been practicing this one :D Mum says I’ll never get married due to my weirdness, and what would appear as morbidness. It’s really not morbidness. It’s…cool. Think about it. To play a dead person in say, Psych or something! So cool.
And last but not least, have this song as my ‘theme song’:

Such a beautiful song.

Also, before I go, let me just ask that y’all be praying for my sister, Dallas and her husband, David, as they travel down to MO today, for the week. David will be working on some building (s) as he is now a construction person…which is his God-given gift.
Dallas will be staying with a close friend down there :)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

9 thoughts on “So soon?

    1. Oh wouldn’t that have been fun?! I wish it would’ve been possible. David is going to be in Joplin, and Dallas will actually be 45 minutes away, in…Kansas City I believe.
      Aren’t you near there?

  1. Okay… once again… long comment coming up! LOL Lemme go read a bit then respond… etc. ;)

    You know how much I’d LOVE to be with you on your birthday??? I am the same way! I get all shy and embarassed when the attention is all me! :P I just want to have a fun day with people I feel comfortable around. But we’d be comfortable around each other, I’m sure. lol

    What kind of trunk? Like an old fashioned one?

    You’ll be a fine driver. I am! :P LOL

    Playing a dead person sounds unique. My style. *grins*

    The music on N&S is incredible!!!! :D:D:D:D

    Prayed for your sis! ;)

    There~ did I get it all??? :D

    1. Yep, I think you got it all :)
      Umm….I’m guessing a lot, right? Just kidding! That would be very cool! :) Yes, I think we’d be too :)
      Yes, it’s an old-fashioned one. It’s a steam-trunk, wiht the rounded top, and the fake picture of a woman on the inside top. It’s beautiful :)
      Haha, danke. Someone once teased me that he’d feel my driving all the way down in NE ^.^ He was joking of course, but I thought it was funny.
      Yes it is. There’s so much emotion to the songs.
      Thank you muchly for prayers!!

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