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There’s no place like home…

There really is no place like home. Besides Heaven, I’m sure. ;)
We arrived home last evening, around 5 or so. It is such a long car-ride. With stops and all it’s about 6 hours one way.
Our time up at the Island was enjoyable, and the views beautiful. Up north just can’t be beat. And the water. Wow. So frightening, yet intriguing. Turtle Lake (the lake it’s on) is actually a very creepy lake. There are the holes, and at one point, near the Island, the water is like 180 feet deep. Plus right off the…back dock I think it is, there’s the rock bar. Add creepy fish, and you’ve got the perfect settings of a nightmare! Haha.
Oh and just to add something – our great-great grandpa, I think it’s that many greats to us, died in the lake. But they didn’t find his body till the next spring when it floated up to shore all bloated and nasty. Oh and his arm was missing. There are different stories of how that happened, but I think the true one is, that when they ….can’t think of the word…dredged? Anyway, when they did that to the lake, it ripped off his arm. Gross huh?
But besides that, there aren’t too many more nasty stories ;) Hehe.
We got up there around 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday the 16th, and just hung around. The best day was the second to last day :D We played kick-the-can with almost everyone up there, we went for a awesome boat ride, at night we played killer and I had a partially melted marshmallow on chocolate. Good times. Killer was awesome with so many people. And my one cousin – Matt – was fun to play with, because he couldn’t keep a straight face no matter what :) I was the Killer once, and I managed to kill like 4 people before my …uncle (would it be step-uncle? No clue) ratted me out ;)
So yeah, Island was good. Had fun. Good to be home. Enjoyed a shower once we got home. Loved sleeping in my own bed. Miss the hoodies.
On the way home, there is a really twisty, hilly road, and unfortunately Nina (my cat inside who we took up) got sick and threw up. Thankfully it was in her cage. I was a bit nauseous too, which is very unusual for me. I still am getting ‘dizzy spells’ even now. Yesterday, at times, it’d be really bad, and I’d have to grab on to something. But I’m alive still :)
If you have any questions about our trip, feel free to ask. I don’t know what more to include… :)

Yesterday, (Sunday) was the Stockade near us. We go to it just about every year, twice a year. Sometimes we skip the winter one though…Anyway, that was enjoyable. The A.’s came down (Toby over at Nisse Summit and his family) and went to it with us, which was fun :)
I bought (Dad split the price with me. Thank you Dad!) a really cool knife. Perhaps I shall take a picture of it, and post it along with this post….(in case you are wondering, I am typing this on my e-mail, not blog, so it’s not ready to be posted yet. By the time I post it, I might have photos.)

Oh and about the Island, there’s a gift-shop there at the boat landing (it’s a resort type thing) and I was able to get a necklace that has a water beetle bug in it (plus the stuff around the bug, glows in the dark. Totally cool.) as well as a bracelet that says the ‘towns’ name on it, and a wooden letter-opener with the head of a moose :D Just little stuff, but still cool.

Okay, here are some photo’s of the Island, as well as my ‘stuff’ ;)

Above is us at the big fish – we take a picture there almost every year, on our way up to the Island :) (if you don’t know, I’m in the red shirt, and green skirt, Noah is the little girl, Dallas is the girl with her hubby)

Cool tree on the way up.

Noah and I watching Tangled on the way up.

A favourite view of mine, up at the Island.

I really liked how this picture turned out – it’s my sister, Dallas, and our cousin, Grace, about to jump off the dock :)

And last but not least, my three trinkets from the gift-shop up north, and my knife I bought yesterday at the stockade.

Dah. I think that’s it for now!



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

8 thoughts on “There’s no place like home…

  1. Whatever happened to short posts?!?! ;) jk! I am gonna read a bit of the post, then come back down here and comment, go back up and read more, etc. :D

    First off, that’s a freaky story!!! I know about lake dredging~ it’s the only way to find a body sometimes. Still, my overactive imagination would be working over-time. LOL :P

    Never heard of the game, but it sounds like fun!

    I love trying to eat something and read a book at the same time, while on a curvy road. So far, I have discovered I can’t seem to get carsick. LOL I tried standing on my head for a while and chewing gum at the same time~ still didn’t get sick…. :P

    You and your knives… :D

    Liked seeing some pictures! I love seeing pictures…. :D

    1. Haha, they’ll still be there – this is actually pretty short, all considering…we’ve had a busy week and I left out quite a bit :)
      Yep, completely so. I wouldn’t want to find the dead bloated body!

      It is :)

      I never get carsick either. I know why I was though…it’s a long story. Hopefully it should be done now!

      My and my knives? I only have…two nice one now. I have like three or so pocket knives, and a really small pop-out one – it’s similar to a pocket knife. There is one at Walmart that I am saving for. The price was raised though, unfortunately. :( I need…25 I think. Oh and as soon as Christmas rolls around, I should be able to sell my Magic Cabin Doll, and buy a sword :D

  2. I suppose it was a short post, considering all you did. ;)

    “Long story” meaning “rather personal”??? :P

    Yeah, you seem to really like them. ;) lol

    1. Haha, um sort of …(it being a long story) half personal, and half truly long! It being personal, if because it is something that God healed me of, and is helping me to see through His eyes better. Maybe one day, I shall actually post about it. I meant to make a post about the things He has been showing me lately, but haven’t gotten around to it….

      Yep, I do really like them :) They’re amazing. Now I just need to learn how to sword-fight! ;)

  3. I found some folding pocket knives at walmart on sale for $1 apiece, they were cheap and made in the Federated States of Micronesia or some other disgusting sounding place, but I figured I’d stock up. LOL

    I have yet to upload the pictures from the stockade. I’ll get around to it though.

    1. I assume the walmart in Cloquet, right?
      (have you ever tried typing with a cat half on your shoulder? She’s making this very difficult.)

      :D haha! disgusting sounding place. That:s great =)

  4. Oh okay. Is there 2 walmarts or is it just the one over the hill? I can’t recall.
    Oh, well that’s a shame! My Dad was allergic too. Note the ‘was’ :D

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