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Busy, busy, busy

I’m quite sure I’ve used that title before..

So much has been going on that it would take too long to explain everything. So I won’t :D
One thing I will say however is..
My Dad is in Duluth, which makes me jealous. He’ll be back today though. He went up on Sunday, after the puppet show Mum and I did for church. He went up to clean my grandparents pontoon boat.

Yesterday, I cleaned not one, not two, not three, but FOUR cages. Three guinea pigs and one hamsters. (Which is really a fish tank…)
I was so tired after that. And I still wasn’t done! You see, apparently fruit flies are attracted to guinea pigs…yep, bingo. My ‘zoo’ room was infested. Parts of the wall were almost black there were so many. So I cleaned all the cages, vacuumed, then Mum vacuumed some more, then I vacuumed some more. We had to clean the whole room out. And trust me, that is almost like a night-mere. For those of you who don’t know, the room that my guinea pigs are in, is pretty much the zoo/office. It’s no longer my bed room, since Dallas got married.
With Mum’s (huge) help we completely redid this room. Which actually isn’t saying much, because it’s the size of a cracker box…
So yes, that’s almost all done.Just a few more things I have to do today.

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Happy 4th!

Happy Fourth of July to you all! We aren’t doing anything today! Yay :) We did it last night.
After Church, we went down to Hutch (a town) and met Dallas and David at the ducky place. It’s this fenced in area, for geese, ducks, and dear. Sometimes turkeys too. Anyway. So we fed the ducks/geese/deer until we ran out of our old bread (we were using the left over buns from the wedding!), then we went to Menards, because both Dad and David had to get some stuff. While Dad ‘shopped’ Mum, Noah and I went to the indoor patio section and sat down. Some dude came up to us, and asked if we had any questions…Uh…”Is this building water proof?” Just kidding ;) I didn’t say that.
After Menards, we (being Dad, Mum, Noah and I) went to Cashwise got stuff we needed, and finally went home. Dallas and David came out shortly after us, and as soon as it got dark we lit the fireworks! David had to go to Wisconsin the other day, and so picked up some fireworks :D It was fun. We used most of the ones he bought, but he is saving some too.
If it wasn’t so buggy last night, it would have been even better. I was getting eaten alive – I’ve welts on my legs from those nasty things.
But yes, good times!
Happy Fourth!

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Isn’t power/electricity a wonderful thing? Being without it for just about 24 hours really makes one thankful for when it’s on.
Friday evening, a horrible storm passed through. Tornado weather. Thankfully nothing touched down, or anything. At one point, Dad and I were outside just watching the sky. It wasn’t raining quite yet. As I stood on the deck, with my eyes toward the sky, I saw clouds starting to swirl slowly. And it was a vast circle of clouds. Mum said if it was swirling faster it could’ve been an F4 or F5, with how large it was. It was incredibly interesting to watch.
As Mum and I were making dinner, it got really quiet. And the sky turned this eerie shade of green! Dad said be prepared if we have to go into the basement, just in case. Though, nobody wanted to go into the basement, because 1. it’s creepy 2. there’s no lights, because the power went off 3. water was pouring in there too.
But I gathered my couple stories that I couldn’t bear to lose, and Noah got her favourite stuffed animals.
After the quietness/stillness passed, it started to pour down rain in heavy sheets, blowing hard. We had a lake practically in half our yard. It did dry up very fast though, soaking into the ground. The violent wind tore down a huge limb of one of our trees, and many branches of others. Our Apple trees made it though, as did our garden, praise God!! He was surely watching over us :)
But yeah, we didn’t have power from 6:00pm till yesterday afternoon, at about 4:00pm, when Mum and I were about to go to Dallas’s house to use their shower :D