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For those of you who know not, I need reading glasses, for I am near-sighted, or something like that :P
I took a couple pictures of me with the glasses on, so ye all could see. It’s difficult to remember them, though…I’m either reading/writing or on the computer a lot, so…yes. Anyway, here are the photos.

And while I’m at it, I have some photo’s that I wanted to post a while ago, just ’cause their cool!

This is basically what I am learning at the moment :)

My gorgeous type-writer :)

If you can’t tell from the last three pictures, I was playing around with the camera and it’s settings :P



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

14 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. I enjoyed these pictures, Raechel! You look really good in glasses! I know what you mean about it being hard to remember to wear them, though. I have glasses that I’m supposed to wear when I practice music, but I most always forget to wear them…

    So, I pick up that you’re interested in Russia, eh? That’s quite a stack of books that you’re reading. Let’s see, I just yesterday finished the two books that I had been reading. I started a new one by John Bunyan today. And, wow! you have a typewriter! How neat!

    thanks for sharing this post. Have a lovely day in Christ!


  2. You look really cute in glasses, Rae!:) I especially like the second one…You have really pretty eyes.:)
    What brought about your interest in Russia?
    And AHH! Gorgeous typewriter indeed!!
    Mary Beth

  3. CUTE! Love the glasses! :D I’m surprised I don’t need any yet… (my parents got their’s when they were really young)

    Love the stack of books! :D That doesn’t look like me at all… :) You should see the pile of notebooks I have next to my bed (on the floor) at the moment! I have too many ideas! :P :D

    I’m so jealous! I had no clue you had a typewriter! :D I love those things! :)

    I like messing with my camera settings! :)

    Hope you’re having a great day my awesome friend!

    Apple! :)

  4. Yep, you look great in glasses… quite pretty, in fact… and somehow, ummm, dignified, I guess. :D

    Cool pics! Love the type writer!!!

  5. Wow! Thanks for the very sweet comments all of you! It was quite pleasant to come on here and find these!
    @Amy Yep, I love Russia right along with India :) Wow, good for you! I need to finish all the books I’m currently reading…there are many! Thank you Amy! Have a lovely day as well!

    @Mary Beth Aww, danke! That’s very sweet of you!
    I don’t actually know. I guess I’ve always had a small interest in Russia, but as I grow older and realize the possibility of actually missioning there, it has become a even bigger interest! I’m working simply on learning the Russian alphabet as of now…praying that God will help me master it!

    @RaeAnne/Apple :D Merci! Oh really? That’s interesting :) My Dad didn’t get his till he was a bit older, I believe! I think you’d look grand in glasses :) Haha, yeah, you don’t want to see the pile of notebooks I have either!! I actually have a whole shelf dedicated to stories I’ve started!
    You didn’t? I’m sorry! Well, yes, I have a type-writer! A total answer to prayer, it was. I got it a couple years ago, at a garage sale for only $20 dollars! After I had prayed I’d find one for cheap! God is soo good :)

    @Bekah Thank you Bekah! That’s very kind of you! I appreciate you saying that…as I’m not quite convinced myself ;)
    Do you own a type writer? You strike me as a kind of person that might :)

    Love you all!!

  6. lol! I would have one (maybe…) but we have too many books on it! :D Actually, I’d love to see your pile of notebooks! :) Then I could show my Mom and tell her “I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!” though she doesn’t think I am… :) I was actually reading through a notebook last night (you remember Jeff and Rebecca right?) and thought I’d put a story on hold (not Peter’s a different one) and work on that one some! I had what would happen already planned, unlike I do for this one, so I think I’ll do that! And I’ll try and work on our’s, I just need to print what you have written or something so I have something to work with! I have a question about that too: Where you left off, their parents had just called them downstairs to tell them something (from what I’d gathered) is it about “the-main-character-who’s-name-escapes-me-knows-what-but-the-twins-don’t”? If so, do you have an idea on how I should word that??

  7. Haha! You having too many books on a shelf? No! ;) Teehee! No, you really wouldn’t…it might scare you. “How in the world does Raechel expect to finish all these???” XP
    Yes, indeed I do remember Jeff and Rebecca, as well as their story! Congrats to you for giving them another chance!! I hope you enjoy writing more in it, and keep me up-dated if you can! :)
    And about our story: Yes, I thought the parents could tell Francine and her sisters about the ‘surprise’ which Francine already knew about! And well, you could have them all sit down…Actually, can I get back to you on this?? I think -and am pretty sure – that I wrote more than I sent you last time! Let me go take a look in the notebook I wrote it in, and see if my mind is correct, and then I’ll let you know! Is that okay?

  8. lol! And lol again! :)

    I have more ideas than can be good for me, they keep me up at night! :P And the thing is, once I have an idea, I usually can’t GO ANYWHERE WITH IT! :(

    Thanks! It’s funny, I feel bad for just letting them sit there, neglected! :( I <3 my characters! :) Them especially, since they're kind of my first ones, okay, they were! :)

    Okay! That's awesome, I'll be waitin'! :)

  9. @ Hannah Grace: Thank you :) Oh posh! You do not! You look awesomely grand in yours!

    @RaeAnne: Haha, ditto. Ditto to pretty much all you said! I love my characters too! So much so. They all deserve their story written, I just haven’t the time! Someday. Someday I shall! Or at least one can hope!

    I sent it off to you finally, so you should have it by now! :)

  10. Exactly! :) That’s kind of the point of characters isn’t it? I had an idea the other day, I ALWAYS seem to give my characters older brothers; Rebecca has Jeff, Peter has Luke, (and 2 you may not know) Daniel’s older bro is Joseph (I put their story on hold, it wasn’t going anywhere) and I think most people that give their characters older brothers that don’t really have any, don’t know what they’re like, so they make them how they would want an older brother to be (at least I know I do)- sweet, a good listener and sounding board and always there for his little brother or sister for me- and the fictional characters that are older brothers that aren’t like that, I think the author a ctually does have an older brother! Sorry if that didn’t make sense, but if it did, do you agree?

    1. Hehe, yes I know what you mean precisely! I guess I’ve never thought that deeply on it, but it seems true. How interesting! That’s funny, too, how almost all of your ‘people’ have older brothers! Some of mine do, but not all. Like, Lady Brynn does, and he’s awesome :D But then Rebekah doesn’t. But her soon-to-be bo (if I ever pick taht story up again) has an older brother or two…I can’t recall. He also has like three younger brothers though. Big family :)
      Jaco won’t have a older brother, but Judah obviously will….I can’t think of any one else at the moment! My brains toast…. :P

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