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The play “Oklahoma!” was put on in our town theater. Well, still will be too, actually. A number from our church were involved in it, one having one of the leading roles.
Last night was the ‘Premier’ of it, with only friends and family. We were so blessed to be able to go!! Our Pastor, his wife, and their daughter were all in it (in one way or another) and each member involved in the play, got two tickets to give to friends/family so they could have an audience but not a full crowd, to practice on.
The play was good. Most of the acting was great. I can’t say Oklahoma! is a favourite play/movie of mine, (though this was my first time seeing it, besides when I was really really little.) but it was pretty good. I didn’t like the amount of kissing though. For the play in particular. I can’t image being in a play, and having to kiss someone you don’t ‘know’ or aren’t married to – which was the case in this. The husband was alright with his wife kissing some other dude, because ‘I know she’s mine, without a doubt.’ okkaayyyy. Well, I still would think that even if you’re sure of her, you wouldn’t want her kissin’ someone besides you! Just my opinion though, I guess.
The ‘dream sequence’ I did not like. The dancing. I know it’s in the movie, but it was inappropriate.
I apologize if any of this sound a bit..up-set or anything. I’m tired, running off of a little sleep, and something happened last night during the play that I’m not willing to share. It’s nothing horrible, just something my mind needs to give up. All in all, Ii’m tired, a bit on the exhausted side, somewhat close to tears, and the play was well-put on. :D


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma!

  1. I am sorry to hear that you are so upset and tired. :( *hugs*

    Oh and to rely to your comment on the Amira blog, we aren’t….really sure which town in MN it is. :P Have any ideas? :D

    1. Thank you :) I’m doing better now – had some God-time, which makes everything better! :)

      Oh okay! I might. Let me think on it, and get back to you!! :)

  2. Sorry to hear that Raechel! :( I agree with you! :P Though I’ve never seen “Oklahoma!”… But the whole kissing thing would bug me too!

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