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Unfortunately, I can’t add the little sign above the ‘a’ that is supposed to be there. So just know, it is supposed to be there :D

As you can obviously tell, I am back on the blogging world. I can’t say I missed it terribly though. Sorry. I mean, I missed reading up on other peoples sites and what not, but there is so much going on that posting seems to take a lot of time.
This weekend was Dallas’s last two bridal showers. Saturday’s was at our aunt Jennifers. That one went fine, I believe. I was locked in their basement for almost the enitre time ;) Hahaha. Now I know what David felt like. Okay, sorry. Total inside joke. I was in the basement, with Noah and her friend who came with. Why? Because I volunteered. Why? Because there was all the females of Mom’s side of the family there. (I don’t know why I specified. We don’t talk to Dad’s side at all. I can’t picture what his sister looks like…haven’t seen her since I was really really young – 2 or so yrs. old. Anyway) And well, if you know me, that was just a wee bit overwhelming! Aunt Jennifer’s house is an hour away. K. So that went good.
Yesterday, Sunday, was Dallas’s bridal shower, thrown by her soon-to-be sisters-in-law, as well as her soon to be mother-in-law. I didn’t go to that one. I would’ve only known a few people. But Nanny was there!!!! I ludge Nanny =) She’s our grandma, if you didn’t know already. How did we get to see her, you might be wondering? Well, because we all technicaly, went with. Dad, David, Noah, me. We were the extra’s. Of course Dallas and Mum came. They had to. We came, because we went to Hugo. Anyone know where that is? Two or so hours away from us, through the cities. Dad didn’t want Mum driving alone there, and get lost, plus our mini van is in horrible shape at the moment, and shakes =D So, we all went with and after dropping Mum and Dal off, we said high to Nanny who was already there, and then took our leave. Jenny asked if Noah and I wanted to say, but we hastely said no thank you. Well…I did. Noah didn’t say anything. Then, with Dad driving, David in the front seat (bummer) and Noah and I in the middle seat, headed off to Forest Lake to find a Culvers. Yum yum yum. We found one in no time. You see, my Dad can ‘sniff’ a Culvers from anywhere.
We enjoyed a nice lunch. I had to sit next to David in a booth…oh well. ;) Just kidding. It was bad. He’s like a brother. An anoying one sometimes. But I love him. (Totally and completely like a brother. Nothing else. That would be just wrong. Ew.)
After an hour there (oh and Noah and I got to get our free ice cream. Best frozen custard EVER.) we drove around trying to find a museum Dad found on the internet. That was a long story in itself. We finally found it, after asking a gas-station for directions, which then lead us to…the museum’s director’s house. But he gave us the right directions, and we were there shortly.
The museum was Sweden!! I loved it! The language is amazing. I almost had something figured out, because it was a Bible verse, but couldn’t understand it all, seeing as I’ve never taken Sweden.
Before we got even the beginning of the tour, Mum called and said they were done. So, off we went back to Hugo (btw, this museum was in Scandia) and retreived them. After we loaded up the gifts, said goodbye to everyone, including Nanny (who said I could stow away in her car, and go back up with her) we left again for the museum. We got there, paid for Dallas and Mum and went through it. Finally. We were the only people there this time, so we got the tour guide to ourselves. ;)
It really was amazing. I love those type of places. They have some of the coolest languages. Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Germany. Love it. I have decided I MUST learn Swedish. Must. Or any one of those I guess…
As my title says, that was on every door to a house/barn/any building. It means ‘Welcome’ of course :) Which is so neat, because I’ve always said “Valcome” just ‘cuz (along with Danke and such) and it does mean that, only with a extra m and n! Cool.
Now, frightening news. I will have a married sister in 18 days. Only 18. Gosh. Wow. It’s so weird to think about…I need to find them a perfect card, and get the other thing I have for them ready.
We’re praying the weather warms up soon. It was snowing yesterday. Happy May First, MN!!!

Well I need to go now. Yes, I’ve more news, of course, but not time.



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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