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Bridesmaid dresses

Yes, they arrived finally! They first were shipped to David’s sister, and then she brought the remaining three for me, Leah and Kristen here to us, last evening. I do like them. I finally found my camera after prayer, and had Mum take some pictures. So, without further adu here they are.

This is my dress itself. The following pictures are of me in my dress. (I with hold back on my joke.)

Oh and btw, these aren’t the gloves we will be wearing — the right ones haven’t come yet.

We were hoping they would be more lilac, but alas, they looked really pink. But the flowers Dallas had put together bring it all together very nicely, and it all works out. Praise God!

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“A little bit of this, and a whole lot of that”

Goodness. I don’t know where to start. I want to share my feelings, my thoughts, my journey with someone, and everyone, but it can be so difficult, because of just how big it is.
My heart screams to be let loose and share what’s in it. Something far greater then anything anyone can imagine. I try to record it in my journal as best I can, but even then it’s hard, because my journal is not actually a peron.
I’ve been reading my beloved “Knights of Arrethtrae” books over again (and actually a couple for the frirst time), and they are amazing. Their passion and zeal for the Prince (Jesus Christ) is amazing, and encouraging! I love being able to relate. I am now on “Lady Carliss and the waters of Moorue”. I haven’t even finished the first chapter, and already, I want to shout from the roof tops of the Lord Almighty and His Son! Words cannot even describe how deeply and passionately I feel about this. I…I just love my Savior so much. I cry to think of Him, let alone speak about Him! Even now I am tearing up. He is just so amazing. Lately, it has been soooo…just wowing. He has become way more to me than ever, if that is even possible.
I have inner joy, even when I get down because of the rainy cloudy day. I am comforted by His word, and yet at times, overwhelmed.
I…I’m speachless. I think about all I want to do for Him, and it’s hard to wait, you know? I know He wants me missioning. But unless He wants me doing that right now, I won’t go until I am probably 18.
But I know He wants me here, right now, spreading His word to everyone I meet. He has been showing me, and my family, just how important it is that we talk of Him always, and praise Him always.
I want to do so much more than I am right now. I wish everyone could feel as I do. It saddens me to see how careless, and… complacent the people of this world are now. Where is their love for our Creator? It greives me to think that they fall prey to Satan and his ways. But we’ve all done it, no matter how big or small the circumstance was.
God has been also showing me how important it is to share Him with my penpals that don’t care. How many of those do I have? Too many it seems. I love all my penpals dearly. The ones in Germany that I write, are so sweet and kind, but they don’t often care about the Lord.
I’ll stop here, before I write too much. But that isn’t possible, is it? No.
“My Savior is enough, and that’s all there is to say.”

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Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day!

I know, I just posted. But guess what I finally did? I loaded the pictures! And I thought since I was on here, I may as well post ’em up!

This is my collection of ties.

These are my books. I have one or two more that are missing from the picture, because they’re somewhere else in my room.

These are my Cherished Teddy’s. Collector tpye things, that I’ve had since I was young.

Umm…pretty self-explanitory, think you not?

My second shelf, a mix of movies, and a few more books.

This is the view out my window. I took it not too long ago, on the last snowy day.

And lastly a shadow on the kitchen wall. I thought it was neat, so I dashed upstairs to retreive my camera and snap the picture.

So there you have it.

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What’s been happenin’

Not a lot, and not a little. “I don’t drink any more. I don’t drink any less either.” Again, don’t panic, that is not from a bad movie at all.

Kristen is obviously gone now. She and her parents left on Saturday, around 2:00pm.
Sunday wasn’t much. We went to church, ( I wore flip-flops!) and then went home. We hung around de house until about 6:30pm went Mum, Dallas and I went back into town to first go to Wal-mart, because I needed lettuce, and then to our church again to practice a song for Easter, and then we went to another church where the Cantata practice was at. It was late this time though, and we didn’t start till 8, and got done around 9.
Yesterday, Monday, I didn’t do any school. Naughty me.
I got two letters yesterday!! That was exciting. In one of them, RaeAnne’s, she sent me a beautiful necklace with a Friendship charm on it! I like it muchly.
The other letter was from Germany.

Today is Tuesday, but hasn’t yet begun. I might do some school, and hopefully write back a letter. I am pretty caught up in them though, which is nice. All that I have left are two from Germany and 2 from US.

Oh :) Yesterday afternoon, Dallas, Noah and I were ‘dancing’ in the kitchen. It was pretty funny. I need to learn how to dance better, as I can only dance well to one type of music…and that would be Toby Mac mostly. Or rapping. Yeah. Dallas and I had a difficult time matching our dancing styles, because she likes Michael Buble and all that type of slow music. So…you put it together and you get very different ways of dancing. We tried though! It was fun =)

You know I still have pictures to post, but I still haven’t uploaded them to the computer yet…

Has anybody heard of Hoops And Yoyo and seen the ecards? Just wonderin’ :)

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SockRaeBlue (Now say it how it’s supposed to be said. It sounds the same. And I don’t want to be socked blue)

So, hello all.
Please wear a mask when you visit here, because I have a cold. Oh wait, what’s that? You can’t catch things through the computer? Well that’s a reliefe! Never mind then! You’re fine :)

Kristen’s here!! Her parents and she came yesterday morning, and talked with us for a few minutes, and then they took Dallas back into town to ‘show them around’ and have lunch. There really isn’t much to see here, but they enjoyed the various antique (sp??) shops.
They came back to our house in the afternoon, and dropped Kristen and Dallas off, while they went back to their hotel till dinner time, when they came out to eat =) It was very nice.
It was cute to see Dallas and Kristen first meet though. They both were sooo excited! They get along extremely well, as we knew they would, and I haven’t heard Dallas laugh that hard for quite some time!

Oh and guess what? This is just a little concerning. Yesterday, when Dallas was showing Kristen around our yard, and Noah was with them, Noah found a letter in the ditch for me! It must have flown out on one of those windy days. Our mailbox needs to be fixed badly.
It was from a new pen-pal no less, Brandon is his name, and it was written on the 22nd of March….I felt a little bad for that. I’m just thankful Noah found it. I hate thinking that there are loose letters out there!

Can you believe that the Cantata is oly one week away???? April 17th at 7:30 pm. Also, one of Dallas’s showers is on the 16th.
We almost were planning to go up North on the 30th, because are various reasons that it would work, but that plan foiled. :( It’s kind of looking like it will be June the next time we get up there. Well Dallas and David get to go up there after their wedding. I said I’m going to tag along, and they can drop me anywhere up there, and I’ll walk the rest of the way to Nanny’s :D

I sometimes think I might loose my mind. Flossie (some of you may or may not have heard me speak of her. Or known her by JN if any of you Jibers visit here.) still doesn’t have internet. *Bangs head on desk* I haven’t ‘talked’ to her since…the last couple days in Feb. We didn’t even get to fully mourn Jibe Now together. How very tragic. BUT! I have gotten two letters from her :) I have to reply to her latest one, which I got on Thursday. But hopefully the internet dude will hook their internet up soon, so we can pass our long long lengthy e-mails once again!!!

“Good sir that is a lot of blood!”
“But under the circumstances, I don’t think we should move in together.” (This is not a bad movie. really. It’s soo good! the guy’s joking.)
“With a ha ha ha and a ho ho ho, we’ll have lots of fun as we go, go, go.”
“THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Just kidding. The doors over there.”
“This..this is a talking fishbone!”
“Well. There you have it.”

(Don’t worry. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog post.)

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Shoe shopping

Yesterday, my family had to go to another town north a bit of us for Dad to go to a dentist appt. We all went along to get other things done there, since the town is quite large and has many stores our town does not have. Dad, Mum and Noah dropped Dallas and I off at the mall while they went to the appt. for us to look at…shoes. And gloves. For the wedding of course :) I wouldn’t go shoe shopping otherwise. Get real. I don’t care for shoes. I am still trying to convince Dallas that she wants me to wear those nice white somewhat high flip-flops in her wedding! She’s not going for it…I unfortunately have to find shoes with some hight, or otherwise I will be shorter then everyone standing up there, because undoubtidly (Sp?) both Dallas’s other bridesmaids will be wearing high-heels, as will David’s sisters on his side. I like flats. No ones feet should be stuck in that position as a highheel promotes. Just my opinion.
Dallas and I were disscussing shoes last night after we got home, and she really is one of those ‘Shoe crazy girls’. David doesn’t know how many shoes he’s getting with her :D Hehe. But I can’t relate to that, as the fettish skipped me. I was graced with an obbsession with notebooks. Lovely, clean, crisp, perfect notebooks. Any size, any colour. Their pages just call for you to write in them! Yes, I love notebooks. No one will ever know how many I have in my room alone…= D
But anyway, back to the mall trip. We walked around that stupid mall for what seemed like hours. It was actually probably only an hour and half maybe. Or maybe more…I don’t know, as I don’t have a watch, nor a phone :)
But can you believe that not one store had wedding gloves?? Only one did, and they were as far from what we were looking for as could possibly be. Not even the prom store, DEB had any. Oh well. Dallas did think of somewhere that might actually have perfect gloves…but that’s in another town south of us :D
So yes, that’s what busied us yesterday. Now this week will be full of cleaning and other stuff, for Kriseten (as Dallas accidently called her, and now we do because it sounds cool) to come this weekend! Cool =)
Tut tut, looks like rain! (Just kidding really.)