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We’re all done. It went really well last night. I stood on the last choir stand thing, almost center-stage, between my Mum and a friend.
I don’t know if I really can write about it justly, as it was so much. And so great. The preformance always makes all the practices way worth-while. Wow. I am glad we did it again this year :)
The last song that we song, the finale, was so fun. One of my favourites! The drums were amazing! I would just adore to learn them and play them that well.
Another song I really liked was called “Take this Cup”, and it was the fifth song. There were nine songs in total. “Take this Cup” is great, because it’s almost…creepy sounding. I mean, it’s like you can invision the thick fog on a dark night. “The street was now deserted as evening filled the air. A band of frighten fo’lwers, slowing climbed the stairs. And there behind the table, a Man was on His knees, He called them with a whisper, come and dine with me” bum bum bum. “The hours would pass slowly, the anxious voices grew, the promises were many, but actions would be few.”
Okay, sorry. I love that song.
Mrs. Z was great on the piano as well. She does an amazing job — she’s our pastors wife, and is very nice.
I had to wear horrid ‘high’ heels. Not too tall of course, but none-the-less, they were highheels. But they were the only black shoes I have that look nice. The attire was all black. I wore my black slightly swooped-neck dress again this year. I think it looked a tad bit better this year, because I’ve lost a couple pounds since then :D
Afterwards, we got a few compliments, and I got a rose petal ;) Haha, it fell to the ground off Dallas’s flowers given to her by her fiance`, and I picked the one off the ground just to be nice. I tried giving it back to David, but he gave it then to Joannah, who gave it back to me. So it is mine xP
The night was very nice. We got home around 9:15pm and I didn’t go to bed till a few minutes past tenpm, because I was writing in detail in my journal. But I slept in some this morning.
But yeah, all in all, it was very awesome! God was praised!!


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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