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SockRaeBlue (Now say it how it’s supposed to be said. It sounds the same. And I don’t want to be socked blue)

So, hello all.
Please wear a mask when you visit here, because I have a cold. Oh wait, what’s that? You can’t catch things through the computer? Well that’s a reliefe! Never mind then! You’re fine :)

Kristen’s here!! Her parents and she came yesterday morning, and talked with us for a few minutes, and then they took Dallas back into town to ‘show them around’ and have lunch. There really isn’t much to see here, but they enjoyed the various antique (sp??) shops.
They came back to our house in the afternoon, and dropped Kristen and Dallas off, while they went back to their hotel till dinner time, when they came out to eat =) It was very nice.
It was cute to see Dallas and Kristen first meet though. They both were sooo excited! They get along extremely well, as we knew they would, and I haven’t heard Dallas laugh that hard for quite some time!

Oh and guess what? This is just a little concerning. Yesterday, when Dallas was showing Kristen around our yard, and Noah was with them, Noah found a letter in the ditch for me! It must have flown out on one of those windy days. Our mailbox needs to be fixed badly.
It was from a new pen-pal no less, Brandon is his name, and it was written on the 22nd of March….I felt a little bad for that. I’m just thankful Noah found it. I hate thinking that there are loose letters out there!

Can you believe that the Cantata is oly one week away???? April 17th at 7:30 pm. Also, one of Dallas’s showers is on the 16th.
We almost were planning to go up North on the 30th, because are various reasons that it would work, but that plan foiled. :( It’s kind of looking like it will be June the next time we get up there. Well Dallas and David get to go up there after their wedding. I said I’m going to tag along, and they can drop me anywhere up there, and I’ll walk the rest of the way to Nanny’s :D

I sometimes think I might loose my mind. Flossie (some of you may or may not have heard me speak of her. Or known her by JN if any of you Jibers visit here.) still doesn’t have internet. *Bangs head on desk* I haven’t ‘talked’ to her since…the last couple days in Feb. We didn’t even get to fully mourn Jibe Now together. How very tragic. BUT! I have gotten two letters from her :) I have to reply to her latest one, which I got on Thursday. But hopefully the internet dude will hook their internet up soon, so we can pass our long long lengthy e-mails once again!!!

“Good sir that is a lot of blood!”
“But under the circumstances, I don’t think we should move in together.” (This is not a bad movie. really. It’s soo good! the guy’s joking.)
“With a ha ha ha and a ho ho ho, we’ll have lots of fun as we go, go, go.”
“THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Just kidding. The doors over there.”
“This..this is a talking fishbone!”
“Well. There you have it.”

(Don’t worry. No animals were hurt in the making of this blog post.)



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

5 thoughts on “SockRaeBlue (Now say it how it’s supposed to be said. It sounds the same. And I don’t want to be socked blue)

  1. I am still getting over a cold…oh and are you sure colds are virtual?! ;)

    So how old is Kristen? Sounds like they are having fun! ;)

    That is bad about your letter…and writing boys now, are we?!?!? Ooooohhhh….*said in a romantic tone* :P heehee

    *grins* I hate it when a good friend is gone for a long time…or disappears altogether. :P

    1. Bummer :( I still have mind, but keep praying it away!

      Kristen is 18, almost exactly Dallas’s age. Their birthdays are both in Jan. I believe :) They did have fun. Lots :)

      Haha, he’s my second male pen-pal, if ins you must know ;) I don’t find anything wrong with being friends with guys. I’ve a few of them, actually, and sometimes, I get along with them better than girls.

      Yes, ’tis a sad thing! I know Flossie hasn’t disapeared though. Just replied to her letter yesterday :D But I can’t wait till they get internet. She has lots to tell me :P

  2. Hope you are better now! ;)

    Oh that’s nice for Dallas…I love having friends my age, I just wish I could get together, in person, more…

    *grins* I have never really had a “guy” friend. I know a few guys, and have had good conversations with them, but I have never really gotten to know one well.

    I am getting Internet next week!!!!! :D:D:D:D

    1. Merci. I am doing a bit better now. Nothing to complain about when my God is so good!

      Yeah, it is :) I like having friends my age, if they act a bit older. I ‘ve always found it easier to get along with older friends.

      Aw, well I’m sorry. I wish I could’ve had a twin brother – that would’ve been better. Think of all the things we could do. Sword fight, fish, ride bike, ect. Yes, well, it wasn’t to be, so I content myself with guy friends. Girls tend to be too girly.

      Yay!! That’s exciting!!!

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