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Shoe shopping

Yesterday, my family had to go to another town north a bit of us for Dad to go to a dentist appt. We all went along to get other things done there, since the town is quite large and has many stores our town does not have. Dad, Mum and Noah dropped Dallas and I off at the mall while they went to the appt. for us to look at…shoes. And gloves. For the wedding of course :) I wouldn’t go shoe shopping otherwise. Get real. I don’t care for shoes. I am still trying to convince Dallas that she wants me to wear those nice white somewhat high flip-flops in her wedding! She’s not going for it…I unfortunately have to find shoes with some hight, or otherwise I will be shorter then everyone standing up there, because undoubtidly (Sp?) both Dallas’s other bridesmaids will be wearing high-heels, as will David’s sisters on his side. I like flats. No ones feet should be stuck in that position as a highheel promotes. Just my opinion.
Dallas and I were disscussing shoes last night after we got home, and she really is one of those ‘Shoe crazy girls’. David doesn’t know how many shoes he’s getting with her :D Hehe. But I can’t relate to that, as the fettish skipped me. I was graced with an obbsession with notebooks. Lovely, clean, crisp, perfect notebooks. Any size, any colour. Their pages just call for you to write in them! Yes, I love notebooks. No one will ever know how many I have in my room alone…= D
But anyway, back to the mall trip. We walked around that stupid mall for what seemed like hours. It was actually probably only an hour and half maybe. Or maybe more…I don’t know, as I don’t have a watch, nor a phone :)
But can you believe that not one store had wedding gloves?? Only one did, and they were as far from what we were looking for as could possibly be. Not even the prom store, DEB had any. Oh well. Dallas did think of somewhere that might actually have perfect gloves…but that’s in another town south of us :D
So yes, that’s what busied us yesterday. Now this week will be full of cleaning and other stuff, for Kriseten (as Dallas accidently called her, and now we do because it sounds cool) to come this weekend! Cool =)
Tut tut, looks like rain! (Just kidding really.)



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

6 thoughts on “Shoe shopping

  1. Oh do I love your posts! ;)

    I love shoes…high heels and flip-flops are fabulous with me! :D Really, as long as someone else is buying, I can shop for shoes for hours… :P lol And shoes are only ONE of my obsessions!! ;) *giggles*

    I can get gloves for like $10 at Ardenes, one of my favorite accessory stores! ;)

    1. I just couldn’t do it. Shopping for hours does not appeal to me in the least. Unless its notebook shopping or book shopping….but even then…

      Ardenes….I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that store. I wonder if there is one around here…*Shrug* I could ask Dallas :) She might know! Hehe.

    1. Haha! Annie, I totally agree; notebooks and hard-cover books allll the way!!! Hehe
      Yes, we did try both those stores too, while we were there. Clairs only had black lacey type gloves, and Icing I don’t think had anything near what we were looking for :(
      BUT! We did get to go to the other town south of us yesterday, and found old fashioned gloves for me, Noah (the flower girl) and one of the other bridesmaids! So that was a blessing :)

  2. Not sure if Ardene is a US store or not! ;)

    Yeah, well if it’s my money we’re spending, I will be in and out of store in record time, believe me! :D lol

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