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Beautiful People — Jaco

This is something that I am going to be doing. It’s very neat. It’s called Beautiful people. I found the deal thing from Hannah Grace since she is participating in it too. It’s for getting to know your characters more :)

What is their full name? Jacoby Milstern — mostly called Jaco
Does his or her name have a special meaning? Not really, I’ve always liked that name, and as I was sketching my new character, the name came on it’s own.
Does your character have a methodical or disorganized personality? Um…more so a methodical I guess. We’re still finding out his personality :) He is very quite, almost undercover like. Steathly. But does have a sense of humor.
Does he or she think inside themselves more than they talk out loud to their friends? (More importantly, does he or she actually have friends?) He does have one friend, like a side kick sort of, whose name is Jak. But mostly, Jaco is quiet and thinks inside more so.
Is there something he or she is afraid of? Not really. He has had a rough life already, at age 17 and so isn’t much afraid of things. Yet.
Does he or she write, dream, dance, sing, or photograph? No. He has a desire to do something, but doesn’t know that yet.
What is his or her favourite book? (or genre of books) Only reads when no one knows. Likes How-To books mostly.
Who is his or her favourite author and/or someone that inspired him or her? He doesn’t have one.
Favourite flavor of ice cream? Chocolate
Favourite season of the year? Autumn. The colder times of it.

So there is it! I am very much looking forward to writing Jaco’s and Jak’s story. It shall be a challenge, and I haven’t done something like their story before. :)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

2 thoughts on “Beautiful People — Jaco

  1. Jaco is such a neat name! He sounds like an awesome character. What kind of story is he in?

    Thanks so much for joining us with Beautiful People. I hope you learned more about Jaco! ;)

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