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Quick Sunday post.

I gotta be quick, because it’s almost time for Church and I’m still in my pj’s =D But I though I’d post and up-date y’all on what’s going on here.

This weekend, Friday – Monday morning, I have been/am doing some ‘neighbors’ from Church’s chores for them. It’s been quite easy, as they only have a dog, a horse and some barn cats. I go over there twice a day, and desperately wish I could drive myself, because I feel bad making Mum and Dad do it. Oh well. One more year, right?

It’s been very nice out lately, but that means lots and lots of mud and water, and unfortunately I don’t have mud boots, nor do I want my parents to buy me any because that cost’s money. So I use my winter boots! They work fine.

God has been active as always in my life. The past few days I’ve been struggling, not being able to conect like I normally can with Him, but on Friday night I believe it was, I went into prayer and inquired of Him what was wrong. He sort of showed me…He brought me to the verse in Matthew “Can you not wait with Me and hour?” ect. And you know what He had me do for an hour and a half? Write. Yes, I got five- six pages written in my book, which was amazing! I felt so….praising to God! What He had me write in it, was moving to me. It was bringing someone to Christ in it, and that in itself is a amaing thing. But I didn’t get to bed till late, which is a bummer, because I like mornings =P  Still, yesterday I was a bit…crabby, and couldn’t be joyful for some reason. So I went into prayer again. He showed me more things! God is good. He gave me His joy and I am complete again. I love that feeling =)

Being it spring now, it means cats are mating. Urg.  Lovely, right? Ha not so much. But thankfully none of our males know what they are doing, so that’s a good thing! I adore kittens, don’t get me wrong, but inbred kittens don’t live, and that I don’t adore in the least. Loosing Tyler last year was sooo hard and seemed to be the last string. Sweet Heart is still alive (I know. I gave her a proper name when she was born, but it didn’t suit her, and I called her sweet heart a lot, so that is her name now. Don’t bash my naming skills, man!Jk) thankfully, and she is very sweet. =)

I actually got together with a friend on Friday, which was nice, considering I hadn’t gotten together with any friends since…January I think it was. I don’t know. I don’t get together with friends all that much, which is okay, because I’m fine by myself. Writing letters and the computer are my ways of being with friends ;)

Okey-dokey. I need to go now. I am sorry to those who I haven’t replied to your e-mails, or gotten that video to you, Jessica R.! I didn’t go on the computer yesterday at all, and I am behind now. I’ll get it done though! I will figure out how to get the video either sent to you or loaded onto something! :)


I am a peculiar treasure who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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