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How to kill a balloon gently.

Haha, yeah, I don’t plan on writing anything relating to my title. It’s just weird. I do know how though ;) I’ve done it many times, being the ‘balloon doctor’. But I’ll really post.

So. Today is Tuesday.  I am in a good mood, I feel like dancing, even though I have no where to do so. I could go in the back yard, where there is some grass, but there is also something else back there now, that I don’t care to see. It being a dead body and all :D But I am dancing in my soul. God is good. He never ceases to amaze me with His love! I love Him so. More than anyone will ever really know.

This morning, my russian dwarf hamster, Svetlana, bit me =D  She actually drew blood even though she is so small! I tried picking her up to move her out of the way, so I could set their food bowl down, and she didn’t want to be moved, so she ‘told’ me so. I did put proxide on it, don’t worry =)

The conversations that go around here, are kind of boring me, I must be honest. We talk about the wedding almost every breathing second. I understand, really, that Dallas needs to talk about it, but it does get tiring. I don’t think I want to get married ;)  Dallas and I were talking about that topic a week or so ago. She asked if I even wanted to get married. I said yeah, if God wants me to I do. But if He doesn’t have that planned for me, I’d be okay. Yes, I’d be a bit bummed, but I can honestly say I’d be just fine serving Him in another country for the rest of my life. So there you just learned another interesting – well maybe not so much – fact about me ;-)

I get to order the Bright Lights stuff today…I’m actually looking forward to receiving the stuff and looking through it. It will go fine.

Noah will not be attending Pioneer Girls again, because Mum prayed about it, and God showed her that we shouldn’t put ourselves in places where people don’t believe the same thing as we do…like the verses that say “Don’t be unequelly yoked” ect. The girls there were ungodly, and even the older kids were not respectful. So there’s that.

Yesterday, I wrote a speach on why “Knowing a foreign language would be helpful” for me language arts. Heh heh heh. I was in a strange mood as usual, and so it really is kinda weird. Even Mum said so. But hey, she gave me a D flat on it ;) Hahaha.

So do you want to be totally grossed out????!! I could do it for you. Like telling you, we have a dead body of a horse in our back yard, and that it will stay there till this weekend till we can bury it in our yard! Are you nasted out yet? Mum said it was already starting to smell when Dad draged it out. :( How ’bout now? Then I won’t even tell you how Dad got it to the back yard on the trailer. I didn’t fully watch. I couldn’t.  You know, people think that if you live on a farm, you just become accustomed to deaths. And though that is partially true, it’s not completely. Seeing a horse stuggling and then being put down, then dragged out of the barn isn’t exactly easy. But we do know that it has to be done, right? You can also rest assured that I am doing fine. I haven’t cried again, and am not scarred/tramatized =) (Yeah I’m sure both those words are spelled wrong.)

I should end now, before I end up with a mile long post, that will be so boring, no one will visit my blog again = D



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

13 thoughts on “How to kill a balloon gently.

  1. Okay…where oh where to start?!?! LOL

    First, I got your letter today *bounces up and down with glee* and whoa, some interesting FBs in there, girl! :P *giggles* I will see if I can even find someone to pass them on to. ;)

    Ummm…I like sitting on balloons to pop them. :P

    ‘Dancing in your soul’…know about that! ;)

    Ouch! :(

    I am with you on the whole wedding thing, but I usually do what I say I am NEVER going to do…so I guess I will probably wind up married. *heehee* :D

    Yeah…let us know when all the BL stuff arrives. ;)

    I think that’s a wise decision about PG… :)

    You are odd~ but I happen to know you are obsessed, at least a tad, with foreign languages. :P

    Nope, it takes a LOT to gross me out! Something REALLY bad!!!!!! :P lol

    And I wasn’t bored at all! But hey, that’s just me…sometimes I wonder if I bore people too. :)

    1. Haha, thank you for your blog-post reply ;) Haha! :P
      Did you? Good! I’m glad it got to you! And pretty quickly too :) I know! I get some very interesting FB’s and rarely know what to do with them! I get way too many =S
      Oh, but that will hurt the balloon! You need to be gentle. I usually use nail clippers or scissors gently :D
      Haha, that works with a lot of things. It winds around to the whole “your mouth has power’ deal. We’ve been learning even more about that. Mum even found verses in the Bible that talk about it. It’s very interesting. Vows can be scary things! (And I don’t meanw edding vows!)

      Sure will. I’m about to order it finally. Didn’t get a chance yesterday!

      Yessiree. I am one odd girl. But I am God’s peculiar treasure :) Indeed I am!! Can’t wait to learn Hindi as soon as we can afford it!

      Well I am glad you weren’t grossed out or bored stiff :P

  2. Grace is in Bright Lights… Lynae has a different thing she goes to.

    Lynae’s gerbils used to bite people, but for some reason my rats never bit except in a gentle playful way.

    1. Seriously? That’s so great! Is it Radiant Purity or Strong in the Lord perhaps that Lynae attends?

      Normally Svetlana doesn’t bite, but Anastasia does a lot. Well that’s nice that your rats never bit =P I would think rats would.

  3. Welcome! ;)

    Yes, it came quickly! And I get a lot of FBs too…but I am being picky about which ones I sign…passing on many. :) I can’t keep already and I know I have several of my own FBs out there somewhere. lol :P

    *grins* I define the “quick and rough” sort of treatment often. :P Not ladylike, I know, but who cares?!?! heehee :P:P

    Vows…that’s something to think about…kinda goes along with promises, doesn’t it?

    You know me…BIG wink! :P

    1. I know what you mean – I’ve stopped signing many of the FB’s I get, just because I can’t keep getting more pen-pals, or I’ll be broke :P I’m already known by name at the post office! Seriously, I am.

      Aw, poor balloons. They don’t like that treatment ;)

      Yes, it does. And it all comes around to our mouth! So amazing. What we say means so much. Satan can use our words for bad, and God can use them for good. For example, when I was younger, I told myself I will never be as angry as someone I knew, when I’m a teen. Well, guess what happened last year? I was angry, and I couldn’t control myself. I had no idea why I was angry, so I broke down in tears, asking God, why?? And then He showed me that vow I had made those years back. I broke the vow, and repented for it. God’s forgivness is amazing and ever lasting! :)
      And as Mum and Dad just learned more about, and Mum was teaching Noah and I this morn. rebliousness, if it is not caught and corrected at a young age, it just gets worse, and that is why so many teens are like they are now. Interesting, no?

  4. Same here..they know my by name and are always curious to see what I get in the mail that day. ;) I spend SO much money on postage!!!

    That’s neat…thanks for sharing…interesting, yes! :)

    1. Haha, that’s great :) Our mailman also knows me pretty well – we’ve echanged a couple notes ;) Hahaha. No, I’ve mailed many letters by our mailbox with a post-it note asking if the letter needs more postage, and this last time, I said God bless, and Gordy said thank you for the blessing :) Pretty great! Hehe.

  5. That’s neat! See, we don’t get mail at our door, so I know a few of the ladies at the post office~ we get our’s at a buildling, full of metal boxes. Any parcels we have to pick up when they are open. :)

    1. Is that how it is in most of Canada? Or can some people have their mail at their house? Yeah, we have post office boxes too, I’ve always thought it would be neat to have one, but they cost money =0)
      I know lots of people who have P.O. boxes though.

  6. Not sure…I don’t think so. It’s just because we live in a small town, although now some people in the new areas get their mail in other places. Not sure how they are working it…

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