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Well. I guess we all knew this day was coming, but really it doesn’t make it any easier.

This weekend, my older sister, Dallas, was in charge of doing Brenda’s barn chores, because she was going away for a couple days. And last night was Dallas’s first night of the weekend for feeding, and after she got all the food prepaired, David (Who was helping) called Dallas over to Breezy’s stall urgently. She was down. Like down, down. Breezy was around 24 years old maybe…somewhere in there. And she was having stuggled with breathing. Before this, Brenda was worried about it, because she wasn’t looking good. Well, last night she went to horsey heaven. The vet had to come put her down :( This is the first time any horse in our barn has died. And what’s worse, (And I don’t mean to gross you guys out or anything) Breezy’s body has to stay there till tomorrow (Monday) because the people who come get dead horses, won’t do it on Sundays. Thank God it’s cold out.

It was hard. I cried, but more so in sympathy for Brenda, who was losing one of her very dear horses that she worked so hard to keep healthy. I could not be a vet. No way, no how.

I was wearing my shorter green ‘army skirt’ I call it. It’s a little above the ankle, and so my legs were red, and I couldn’t feel them for a bit :D We were out in the barn for over an hour. I fed the horses, while Dallas and David tried to help Breezy in her last few moments. Thank God also that I’ve watched Brenda feed so many times!

So. There you have it. I don’t know whether or not Brenda is cutting her stay short or if she’ll stay till monday like she planned. She was crying over the phone Dallas said. :(



I am a 22 year old homeschool graduate who is passionately in love with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love writing, reading, knife/tomahawk-throwing, and letter-writing, among other things. :)

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      1. Thanks, we’re about to go see my grandpa. :( But it’s…okay, he’s really old [in his 80s I think], and he’s a Christian so he’s ready to go. I just hope that his sister and my aunt get to see him before he dies.
        ~Hannah Grace

  1. *cries* I’m so sorry to hear that, Raechel! :( *hugs* I’ll be praying too!
    How many horses do you have by the way? I can’t remember if I’ve asked that question before…. :)

  2. @ Hannah Grace :( I’m sorry. I can’t imagine losing a loved one…I’ve only lost animals. I’m glad he’s a believer though. That makes it a tiny bit better I guess. At least he is ready. I don’t blame him :) But it is hard for those still here on earth. Wouldn’t it be nice if God could just call us all home at the same time?? :) How did the visit go?

    @Jessica Thank you! We have…8 horses now and one mule. Dallas has two horses, and the rest are Brenda’s. The mule is mine :) Hehe, I don’t think you have asked that yet. :D

    @Bekah I know. It’s been awful! I am fearing this summer and spring, if we have kittens again….only one lived last year, out of like 14 or so. I hate deaths.

  3. I SO disagree!!!! Only a person who hasn’t studied chickens carefully would like to kill them. :P I should know~ I mean I’ve only been in flocks of over 300 dozens of times! They are such interesting creatures… ;)

    1. Haha, layer chickens maybe. But butcher chickens are just nasty. We’ve been raising chickens – butcher and layers – for over 9 years now…maybe more actually. :)

  4. I have a soft spot for mice, which I recently discovered. :P LOL I am The Mouse online, often, after all, and to some friends, I will probably always be just that. ;) lol

  5. Nope, any kind! And I got the name cause some friends and I started this crazy club called “The Rodent Club”. :P The club has kinda vanished, but the nicknames have remained. :D lol

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